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Dhalker 05-18-2017 10:06 AM

Who is running the Acme 1433
I am wating for my new prob to show up in the mail.... got the 1433 for my 2016 R21.

Who is currently using this prop and what kind of difference did it make from stock?

onetogofast 05-18-2017 10:49 AM

My buddy was going that way with his RZ4 but switched to the 2079. Keep us posted if you like it and my buddy will have his prop tomorrow so I'll update as well.

Dhalker 05-18-2017 11:07 AM

Will do, going to be delivered Monday so I should get a good few days in the new prop next weekend

Dandy21 05-18-2017 1:19 PM

When we had our 2013 Z1 (same hull as your R21, but we had the Convex VX), we swapped the factory 537 for the 1433 when we upgraded our ballast. We installed the Wake9 Z1 bags in both sides of the rear. The 537 did the job with factory ballast - not sure how it would have done with the upgrade since we swapped the prop out during the install. I wanted the 1235 since that was the go to for Tiges at the time, but didn't have room, not sure if that was due to the hull clearance or because of the BoatMate Trailer issue on the 2013 Z1s. Either way, the 1433 performed well except one time when we had the port side rear ballast full, bow full and 10 people in the boat - couldn't get past 10 MPH.

Keep in mind, my review was still only loading ballast in one side. Now with things being full all around and using TAPS3, it may not perform as well since you will be moving more weight.

Mike88 05-18-2017 8:35 PM

Exact same thing for me.

I had a 2016 RZR. upgrated my prop for the 1433 when I upgrated my rear ballast.
I put the 3 at the same time. Acme 1433 and the 2 rear ballast w005 from wakemakers (1 100lb each)

And I love this prop. My stock 537 when fully loaded and 5 poeple in the boat was rushing a little bit. That's why I changed it.
Day and night to compare. I have like 1 000pounds more ballast weight and no trouble even with 4people in the boat.
The 1433 prop really making the difference. Never tried it ballast fully filled with more then 4people in instead.

Hope you enjoy!

newwhit 05-18-2017 9:41 PM


Any report how these 21' tiges surf? The late models do alright listed or with "suck gate"?

Thanks, and sorry for the hijack

Dandy21 05-19-2017 7:46 AM


Originally Posted by newwhit (Post 1959072)

Any report how these 21' tiges surf? The late models do alright listed or with "suck gate"?

Thanks, and sorry for the hijack

The 2013+ Z1/R21 will surf quite well. The wave our of our '13 Z1 with Convex VX was very nice, fairly long, great "push", really clean. This was listed. I have no experience with these hulls with the new surf system. Keep in mind the list for these hulls is only 7-9 degrees. It's list, but no as significant as older Tige Hulls.

If interested, get out for a demo!

newwhit 05-19-2017 8:14 AM

Thanks man!

Dhalker 05-19-2017 7:56 PM

I will get some videos next weekend when I get the prop installed. Prop not showing up till Monday

infinitysurf 05-20-2017 8:30 AM

I have 1433 on my SV244. LOVE this prop, not only can I add 5000lbs of ballast and have 10 people in boat and still have zero issue getting to surf speed easily, but will also do 40mph (not that I care since I rarely do over 25-30)....point tho is that it will still hit WOT. I have a 1487 as my back up, with is almost the same prop, just slightly different cup. (have not used it yet).
Other great thing is I run roughly 3200 rpm when surfing, so its perfect and I average 4.5-5gph on boat which in my opinion cannot be beat on a boat this big, with a ZR409 PCM motor with 492ft lbs of torque.
You should love that prop. I will never use anything else on this boat.

infinitysurf 05-20-2017 8:31 AM

Correction....the spare prop is 1847, mixed up the numbers.

Dhalker 05-22-2017 2:36 PM


New prop came in today (1433), now it's going to be hard not to call in tomorrow to try it out!

onetogofast 05-22-2017 4:58 PM

Buddies 2079 was on point for the RZ4. Gets it moving and surfs at 3k rpm!

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