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tyler97217 10-10-2012 9:14 AM

Replacing glass on windshield of a Malibu????
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I have a buddy that has an 08 Malibu LSV. The side windshield is broken. Malibu says that glass is discontinued and option would be to buy a whole new windshield from a new supplier.
Question is:
Can he take it to any glass shop and have them duplicate it?
Has this happened to anyone else? Where did you go and how much?
Any other suggestions?

polarbill 10-10-2012 9:18 AM

That is ridiculous that Malibu doesn't have the replacement glass for a 4 or 5 year old boat. What a bunch of BS. I guess he could go for the Axis look?

scotthons 10-10-2012 9:28 AM

That sucks! I was too cheap and replaced my center window with plexiglass. I thought it would last maybe one season, but three seasons later it still looks great and no one has ever noticed.

tyler97217 10-10-2012 1:44 PM

Found the glass manufacturer in Canada, but they are saying this particular one is very difficult to replace cause it is glued. Waiting to hear back from them.
No one else has had this issue?

boardman74 10-10-2012 3:46 PM

Its going to have to be done like a car windshield. You are going to have to cut out the old glue and then put the new glue down and bed the window. Then seal the edges etc. If you have never done one and don't have the tools I would pay a car window place to do it once you have the glass. The glue comes in a tube like caulk and you need a power caulk gun to get it out as it's super think and will kill your hands trying to do it with a manual gun. Plus you have to be super careful because it's black and like super glue...anything it touches it's there and instantly stuck.

I agree that it's poor form for Malibu to not have the part of a boat that new.

wdr 10-10-2012 8:05 PM

Diggs, have your buddy post up over on themalibucrew.com someone should be able to help him out over there.

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