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cjh1669 07-28-2011 9:28 AM

Weird pain
Anyone ever get a sharp pain where their Lat inserts into their armpit from riding? I've been really putting a lot of tension on the line lately and now I can barely pull on the rope to get up.

irishrider92 07-28-2011 12:15 PM

Never got that. You may have just pulled it. I'd say rest it and use heat rub for a couple days and stretch it frequently after some rest days

bruizza 07-29-2011 8:48 AM

You should probably just grab some of your wife's Midol Chris. Pretty much the only thing that ever makes you feel better.

cjh1669 07-29-2011 10:58 AM

Thanks Brian, i asked my wife and she said the store was all out. It seems you went in and bought up all the feminine products.... I new your vagina hurt, I just didn't know it was that bad

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