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Burddman 07-19-2016 4:01 PM

looking to BE a third New Braunfels TX area
Just moved to New Braunfels Tx from Utah, and I am Missing boat riding! Everyone seems to only ride Cable here, which is awesome having all these parks. But I've been itching to get behind a boat.
Willing to pitch Gas. Thanks in Advance!


Livesound 07-19-2016 6:03 PM

looking to BE a third New Braunfels TX area
Hey brad I may have my boat in on canyon lake. me and a group usually do wake the world at canyon lake and we usually throw one of our 3 boats in on Sunday and so some riding. I'm not sure of the schedule yet. But I normally keep my boat on lake travis I have a slip there. If you get to itchy hit me up and we go out every week.

Burddman 10-20-2016 11:47 AM

@Livesound, I guess I haven't gotten on here for a while. I hope I didn't blow it and missed the season! Seems like the season here is endless! If you guys ever need a third, Let me know! I've been missing Riding Boat, and willing to pitch gas of course! 435-590-4889.

Livesound 10-20-2016 9:49 PM

We're still getting a few rides in but my boat is on lake travis. Don't usually get into November before we have to wear suites and don't stop till mid December to March when I get into all the winter projects. Let me know if your willing to come to travis and I'll hit you up when we go out next

superair502 03-10-2017 11:01 AM

I live in austin and would be down to ride if you find anyone with a boat... you can ride my G21 when I go back home to get it next month. I will prolly have it in at lake travis.

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