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Jmaxymek 06-16-2013 5:57 PM

Search for Company
Does ANYONE know where I could potentially find a Severance board? 138 or 142? I wouldn't mind a used board, just really want to get my hands on one. Design doesn't matter either, I actually considered getting a Wild Child too, I thought the pink/yellow was kinda cool too. If anyone could point me in the direction (yeah I know they're hard to find, this is why I've turned to the WW community) that would be awesome. Thanks! Much appreciated.

jburbo 06-18-2013 8:44 AM

i definitely know where you can find a 134 Severance, but it sounds like thats too small for you. I might know where to locate a 138, let me see if he still has it. Tough to track down Company boards these days.......

Jmaxymek 06-19-2013 10:41 PM

That's half of why I want it. I've heard so much good about Company, and have always wanted a piece of that pie. It'd be cool to have a part of that.

Reez 06-20-2013 6:58 PM

Ive got a 142 severance. I still like to ride it but I'd consider it if the offer was good

adam_balon 06-20-2013 11:07 PM

got a line on a 138 up here in saskatchewan canada. i own a shop and a good customer has one in really good shape. what did you want to spend. approx?

Jmaxymek 06-21-2013 1:09 PM

Wanted to try and keep it in the 200-250 range if possible, I've got a Witness 136 that's been ridden no more than 5 times I could throw in too.

jburbo 08-06-2013 3:58 PM

stoked you found one Jordan! I am selling my Recruit 139, so if anyone is looking hit me up!

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