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dirwoody 09-05-2005 2:27 PM

Quick question, I picked up an 03 premier DNA from a buddy of mine that was getting out of the sport shortly after buying the board, it's always been treated great, no sliders, always in a bag, etc, and this weekend one of the molded in fins developed a pretty nice crack in it, exposing the core, i know it's an older board, just wondering if i'm SOL or if their warranty dept would help me out?

proho 09-05-2005 3:08 PM

you wont be able to get a dna premier anymore so id just seal it up with some epoxy.

shavis 09-05-2005 3:37 PM

find out where he purchased it and go through there

wake_upppp 09-05-2005 8:34 PM

Lifetime warranty, but it's only supposed to apply to the original buyer. You take it from there. If the board is no longer made, you will get the next closest one, prolly a foam Era.

lsv_doc 09-09-2005 9:34 AM

Use JB weld from an automotive store works like a charm.

innov8 09-09-2005 10:04 AM

If it is an 03 you are sol. Buy some epoxy. Hyperlite does not have a lifetime warrenty, even if you are the original owner.

luchog 09-09-2005 10:50 AM

I dunno if you are second owner, but their warranty department is great.

indemand12 09-09-2005 10:54 AM

My shop sells Hyperlite, and there is a limited lifetime warranty. Take it to a local shop that carries Hyperlite, or call them direct.

innov8 09-09-2005 3:44 PM

Every board company has a (limited) lifetime warranty. But a cracked fin on an 03 good luck. I would call hyperlite direct on this matter. Thats you best bet.

wake_upppp 09-09-2005 6:41 PM

Uh, no not every board company has a lifetime warranty. Not even remotely true. However, HL DOES have a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship to the original owner. Jeff, you're clueless.

grizzle 09-11-2005 6:29 PM

I've got on 03 DNA Murray that I bought from a local board shop. you're telling me that I can take it to them and possibly get a replacement from Hyperlite. Wow, I thought I was sol since it is more than 1 year old, and have already bought a new board... would be nice to have a new backup. <BR>

grizzle 09-11-2005 6:31 PM

front foot popped the screw holes out of the board and cracked it about 8 inches. <BR>

innov8 09-12-2005 9:13 AM

Sparky, Ive owned Hyperlite and sold Hyperlite, and I own a wakeboard shop now, and been involved in wakeboading for over ten years. I would have to say that I know just a little bit about the sport. Any brand worth buying or selling has a limited lifetime warrenty. Iam not bashing Hyperlite at all they are one of the top wakeboards on the market. I am talking about this one post and my opinion on what he is going to run into on a board that is an 03 with a cracked molded fin, that could of cracked because it hit somthing in the water, happens all the time, thats not under the lifetime warrenty. I dont want him to get excited and think there going to give him a new board, because there not. If anything they might fix it but I doubt it. It would be easyer to buy some epoxy and fix it youreself and save the money on shipping.

dirwoody 09-12-2005 11:52 AM

I called the factory, and they said take it to a dealer and send it in. So I did, not quite sure what they're going to do about it, but it's worth a shot. even if they don't do anything with it and just send it back with a note saying they can't do anything, that's fine. I'm just wondering how excited i should get in finding a new board.

innov8 09-12-2005 1:00 PM

I hope they do replace it for you Darin. Best of luck. At least maybe they will repair it. alot of good boards out there to get excited about.

eubanks01 09-12-2005 2:47 PM

Darin, <BR> <BR>They will replace it. Hyperlite has replaced 3 of my boards...a couple of which were 6-7 years old. They replaced all of them with current year similar shapes.

wake_upppp 09-12-2005 5:49 PM

Jeff, even more reason you should be familiar with HL warranty if you really do own a boardshop. If they decide it's not materials or workmanship, they will repair it for free for life, and they do some sweet repairs. Definetly worth it to send it in if you're not experienced with repairing wakeboards. And if they can't repair it, they will authorize the dealer to sell you a new one at half off retail. Jeff, name some other wakeboard companies that have lifetime warranties on boards and bindings. I've been in the sport for six years and don't know of any others.

wake_upppp 09-12-2005 5:52 PM

And yes CST, you'll get a new board.

grizzle 09-12-2005 6:13 PM

thanks A LOT for the info sparky !!!!!... took it down today with an old 03 set of byerly bindings that ripped, and was told that I should have no problems getting them replaced.

grizzle 09-12-2005 6:15 PM

i had to pay shipping though, but what is $40 for new board/binding setup. <BR>

innov8 09-13-2005 8:22 AM

Sparky, CWB has a limited lifetime warranty and its posted on their website, and thet go above and beyond to make shure their customers are happy. Their is a post recently 03 absolute cracked in middle Cwb replaced it with an 05 no questions asked for free. Sparky, It sounds like Hyperlite is stepping up and doing the same witch is good for all of us wakeboaders and wakeboard shops.

lukewtwt 09-13-2005 10:52 AM

Jeff, <BR>Hyperlite is not "stepping up and doing the same," their warranty has been limited lifetime for YEARS. If you have in fact "owned Hyperlite and sold Hyperlite," then you should know better than to say "Hyperlite does not have a limited lifetime warranty." An 03 is no problem, I have warrantied a 1997 Lavelle for a customer in 2004, and he got a brand new Murray. Also, your statement that "every board company has a limited lifetime warranty" is not true. Liquid Force is an obvious example, as their warranty is one year. Hope this helps you get a better grasp of the wakeboard industry beyond CWB.

innov8 09-13-2005 12:36 PM

Ya Luke they had it when I sold them three years ago but they dident replace alot of boards that fell under the limited lifetime warranty, and I had to deal with alot of unhappy customers, what I was trying to say is that their is alot more happy Hyperlite customers latley, but I still have alot of unhappy customers coming into my shop, and switching board companies. I cant say for myself now how they warranty their boards because I dont deal with Hyperlite, and dont plan to, but I can post what my customers are saying. Like I said I hope they replace Darins board because that what they should do, and Luke I have never had anyone say anthing bad about Liquid force warranty, all Ive heard are positive things about their customer service.

lukewtwt 09-13-2005 1:48 PM

Ok Jeff. You say they didn't replace a lot of boards in your shop, I say they replace or repair every one I see that hasn't obviously been dropped or hit a slider. I won't argue further with you, because I know who I deal with day-in and day-out, and I can't speculate on your business. I do find it interesting that you would first deny that the warranty existed, and then say everyone has it, which of course is not true. CWB only went to a limited lifetime warranty very recently. Like I said, Liquid Force is one year, but they are good within that year. I don't have unhappy customers, and I am sorry that you do. Maybe your unhappy customers aren't unhappy because of Hyperlite.

innov8 09-13-2005 2:28 PM

Luke there is no reason to argue. I just making a point. I dont have unhappy customers that buy from me, they are buying from another shop, and I get to here them bitch. Like I said I havent sold hyperlite for three years and when I sold them they definetly did not replace every board and alot of them they should have but that was then this is now, but I still have people to this day that come in and say other wise, maybee its the shop out here that sells them and not Hyperlite thats what it sounds like to me, and my response that hyperlite dosent have a liftime warranty was to the fact that it is a limited lifetime warranty and It only applies to the original buyer which he wasent, and as far as everyone has a limited lifetime warranty I am refering to the big three hperlite L-F and Cwb, they all stand behind their boards if it falls under materials and workmanship and ive seen L-f warranty boards three years old if it was due to Materials or workmanship they stand behind their product. It was good talkin to ya Luke sounds like you run a good shop.

wake_upppp 09-13-2005 6:53 PM

...so it appears as though CWB is the one doing the "stepping it up", and props to them for that. And for the money we pay for the products, others should follow suit. HL warranty has been the same for ever, along with argueably prolly the best customer service in the industry.

97response 09-14-2005 9:44 AM

Liquid Force: <BR>ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY <BR> <BR>Liquid Force warranties and obligations set forth below are in lieu of any other express warranties or obligations of Liquid Force Wakeboards, its distributors, or retailers. All Liquid Force products are warrantied to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material workmanship except as otherwise provided herein. <BR> <BR>Liquid Forces warranty extends for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase on all products except wakeskates and apparel. Wakeskates are warrantied for 90 days and apparel is not applicable to any warranties. Proof of purchase is required from an authorized Liquid Force dealer. RECEIPT MUST CLEARLY IDENTIFY DEALER. Liquid Force will, at manufacturer’s option, repair or replace any wakeboard, kiteboard, or boot binding which exhibits defects in material or workmanship. REPAIRED OR REPLACED ITEMS ARE COVERED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY ONLY. <BR> <BR> <BR>

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