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Greeko 09-27-2013 9:49 AM

Deck choices
Hey everyone..I used to have a Clarion M309 in my boat and I wasn't happy with the ipod integration nor the sound quality coming out of the deck even at 75% volume... So I have taken it out and am looking to upgrade.

I sold off all my bits and pieces..only thing I have left are 2 syn 4 (on the auction block) and 2 pairs of xs-650 (on sale).. I am starting from scratch now..I am just not sure exactly what to pick anymore....


Alpine cda 118m - $350ish


with a WS420 eq


Rockford fosgate RFX5000 - $150


with Rockford Fosgate RFXMR5BB Remote - $80


with a WS420 eq


Just run a WS-420 eq

I know some of the newer malibus run the Rockford stuff...so I thought id see what their opinions are...
Im not sure if anyone is running the alpine..its hard to find because they discontinued it but I hear good things about it.

As for Boat interior speakers..I was tossed up between going JL M660 or Wet Sounds XS-650..or even the exile sx65m... I haven't heard the exiles...But I used to have the Wet sounds xs-65 and I was very dissatisfied with the sound out of those!

The wet sounds xs-650 I can get for $250, JL for $299 and the Exile for $150...

Does the double cost for ws and jl make twice the sound....?

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