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07-07-2004 1:27 PM

I'm just starting to get into some video work and was wondering what programs everyone uses?? Pros/Cons?? Right now I have Premier 6.5 and I like it but was wondering if there's any better programs

07-08-2004 2:53 AM

Better? There is no BETTER program in my opinion as it is pretty much the gold standard for editing in my experience (besides something like avid w/dedicated hw). Easiest to use? Hell no. I actually use Vegas Video (I think Sony bought it?) because it's a lot more intuitive for me as a long time PC user. Premiere has always felt like it was designed for the Mac and then ported over to the PC and really doesn't feel like a Windows app. <BR> <BR>If you want full-featured editing tools that can do just about anything, you can't go wrong with either, but I think Vegas is much easier to pick up for the uninitiated. <BR> <BR>I've also heard that pinnacle and ulead have been catching up but I haven't used them for a year or two now as they were sorta clunky next to the Premiere and Vegas. <BR> <BR>Just my $.02

dcervenka 07-08-2004 7:14 PM

If you feel comfortable editing with Premiere 6.5 then I would stick with it. If you switch editing programs you will just go through the whole learning curve again. <BR> <BR>The only time I would consider changing programs is if you were interested in doing this for a living. Then you would want to look at Avid or Final Cut Pro because those are the industry standards.

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