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batistat 06-12-2012 4:09 PM

05 X 10 surfing
My family is looking to upgrade our boat. How is the wake on an 2005 X 10? Currently we are surfing behind a 1996 malibu response so i figure almost anything is a step up. We are looking for something under 30 k.

dougr 06-12-2012 7:57 PM

to be honest, if surfing is your thing, then you should look for a deep v boat, most vdrives will make a good, if not great, wakeboard wake, but it takes a lot more to get a killer surf wave, enzo 211 233 244 , 230, 240, tige rz2 rzr, v series, supreme 226, avy, sanger, mb, bu 247, and many more make killer surf waves, take your time and check all the deeper v's out there. theres alot of great boats that will give you a much better wave than a x10. i bet the wave on the x10 is not much better if not any better that your response. hope this helps.

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