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surf2011 04-14-2011 8:31 AM

First off I am not dissing this sport. I just really dont get it, why spend all that money for gas,boats and up keep to ride a maybe 2 foot wave. You can go surf on the worst days waves for free. I really get it if you live inland and never get to the ocean.

TheSqueakyWheel 04-14-2011 8:40 AM

the natural surf in Colorado isn't so hot

taft 04-14-2011 8:57 AM

Ocean surfing is awesome, no doubt. The feeling you get from a good ride is hard to match. But riding a wave as long as you want, in the sun all day with friends right beside you, with your music pounding on a floating lounge... it's a pretty damn good feeling too.

duffymahoney 04-14-2011 9:16 AM

I live in Idaho and there is no ocean:(

lakesurfer 04-14-2011 9:46 AM

closest ocean to me is 12hrs:) The only thing wakeboarding gave me was a new ACL/MCL.

malibu 04-14-2011 10:13 AM

I will turn 50 this summer. I wake boarded and snow boarded for 7 years. But after 3 shoulder and one ankle surgery and a shoulder replacement ahead of me, wakeboarding is no longer an option. Even if it was, I would wakesurf. I love the felling you get when you ride and everyone in the boat is cheering for you! I have participated in a lot of sports from competitive archery to mountain biking but nothing compares to wakesurfing for me. I can't imagine not owning a boat and spending time on the water with friends.

dougr 04-14-2011 1:49 PM

alot of the time the lake is blown out and the chop makes wakeboarding not so fun, plus, its alot easier to get a good wakeboard wake from just about all the vdrive boats, but its alot harder to get a great surf wake, so you spend the money on the boat and setup that gives the best surf wave. I bet we spend 5 hours a day on the lake surfing and maybe get an hour tops in the morning and late in the day to wakeboard. So most guys that say they wakeboard spend 80 to 90% of there time sitting on the boat drinking, while we can surf the chop all day long:)

wofrankwo 04-14-2011 3:04 PM

we live 1 hour and 30 minutes from santa cruz no traffic ....... our boat is 10 minutes in the water from our house ......... we have gotten to become big time ocean surfers again and love it as you definetly have alot more freedom in the ocean

wakesurfing behind the boat is a ton of fun that you can involve many of your friends in without the presence of the ocean being a negative factor

paddling out by myself or with christopher is awesome and the times that me and chris spend together surfing in the ocean is as good as any time we spend together

being on the boat together is tons of fun too that we can also involve all of our friends in and that is a safe enviroment for the young and the old ........ my mom who is 81 goes on the boat with us a couple times a year ......my nephews sons who are 6 and 4 have been on the boat for 2 years now ....... there is no way we could share those experiences with our family members in the ocean ....... having the interaction between the people in the boat with the surfer is priceless in my opinion and the safety factor of teaching people to surf behind the boat as to teaching people in the ocean does not even compare

enjoy your ocean surfing and im sorry if you cant understand the fun that we wakesurfers have and the enjoyment that we get in making a fun safe wave for everyone to surf and for everyone to share in the fun of surfing behind a boat!!!!

MuskokaJ 04-15-2011 5:42 PM

There are sports that I also "really don't get" (basketball, golf, baseball, etc.), but I don't have any interest in going to internet forums for each of those sports and letting them know "I don't get" their sport. Thanks for your 2 cents.

tonyv420 04-15-2011 6:55 PM

why would you even care how we spend our time and money?? Question should have been, why do you guys surf behind a boat? its obvious why the inlanders do it ( no ocean)

surf2011 04-15-2011 7:21 PM

Good points you guys made me see the light, actually I might have to get out and try it sometime. No reason to get defensive though, like I said above I really understand if you dont live by the ocean everyone needs to surf. I dont get backetball and golf either and could care less about them. Wakesurfing is some way considered surfing so I was curious. Thanks

tonyv420 04-15-2011 11:15 PM

my bad :D

04-26-2011 1:42 PM

There's also no sharks beneath you!

04-26-2011 1:44 PM

I lived in San Diego for many years and surfed pretty much everyday.....wakesurfing is way better in my opinion.

hawaj 05-01-2011 6:45 PM

No ocean here! Nearest waves are 2K miles away and very dificult to ride.
Any more questions?

jdjjamesz 05-01-2011 7:43 PM

My wake is always 3 to 4,I have been surfing in the ocean 25 years,and live 15 min from one of the best waves around.but the waves are always good so the lake is cross training for me.. cant beat it when theres no waves,cracking beats on the boat ,no one dropping in on you ...:D

jdjjamesz 05-01-2011 7:48 PM

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longest wave in the world behind a boat...

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