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illini88 12-06-2009 8:18 AM

I've looked at a few used boats, and I've come across some Sanger's at decent prices. My impression of Sanger's has been, sharp boats, but fairly low freeboard. Is that a fair assessment? Also, do the newer ones have higher freeboard. Thanks.

wakebrdjay 12-06-2009 8:24 AM

Nope the Sangers are the low riders of wake boats.It seems that everyone that has one loves it though.

dennish 12-06-2009 9:08 AM

The V237 does not have the same low free board as the other models. I believe that it is 9" higher. As Jay T says everyone loves them.

illini88 12-06-2009 9:11 AM

I'm assuming the V210 is the ski hull and the 215 is more of the wake hull?

evadehickman 12-06-2009 9:27 AM

Pretty sure hull is the same, just a slightly shorter boat with with less beam. I know plenty of people with V210's that weight them right and get a great wake. V215 (I have one) needs a little weight to get a great wake. Never had a problem with low freeboard, but I'm not putting 2500 lbs. in either. There are a couple of sanger owners who really slam their boats on WW- hopefully they can give you some feedback.

illini88 12-06-2009 9:33 AM

My issue isn't weight-related, it's comfort related. I have a comp boat, and I share it with my parents, as our lake has limits as to the number of boats you can have. They find it to sit a little low, so we are working on a compromise.

razzman 12-06-2009 10:22 AM

The V210 hull is not the same as the V215, besides being 6" wider and obviously longer the hull design is different, similar but different. I wouldn't exactly call it a lowrider either, yeah at rest they sit lower than some but the same as a lot of others. I have buddies with a V215 and a Supra V21 and along with my Moomba LSV they all have virtually identical rest height and about the same freeboard. None are uncomfortable like my tournament ski boats were either. Just me but i don't like the deep freeboard boats, feels like your in a bucket or something.

rio_sanger 12-06-2009 10:23 AM

Sitting inside a V-210, the boat does not feel shallow at all. <BR>Go to Sanger's website for the line up and boat specs. and take the "factory tour" should give you all the info you're looking for. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.sangerboats.com/" target="_blank">http://www.sangerboats.com/</a>

lifetimewarranty 12-06-2009 11:52 AM

Sanger makes awesome boats. They are a lower priced boat, but not because of their quality. <BR> <BR>If all you are looking at is how high it sits, then probably look at a different brand. Sangers are known for sitting low. They are, however, also known for handling better than most, handling chop better than most, being incredibly well built, etc, etc... <BR> <BR>I wouldn't rule them out based on freeboard alone. Sit in them, drive them, compare them to others, then make your decision. <BR> <BR>I agree with Razzman on the feeling like your in a bucket thing on some boats.

rallyart 12-06-2009 12:43 PM

I have yet to find a situation where the freeboard on my 215 was too low. You still sit well into the hull with lots of support and safety on the seats. The 210 is a bit lower. <BR>If you ski you'll find the Sangers are a bit lighter than some other brands and that helps but all the hulls are a fairly deep V. They also don't change the hulls so almost any year is the same, as far as hull and wake shape.

illini88 12-06-2009 12:47 PM

I'm in the midwest, and we don't see a lot of sangers. So I'm kind of going off of what I have seen in pics. I've just seen some good buys on them and was curious. The newer ones do not appear to have as low a profile as the older ones.

wake_upppp 12-06-2009 1:18 PM

The hull is basically the same for all models and has been for over 20 years, other than wider and longer and a slight difference in draft for the various models. That being said the 210 is the flagship wake boat from Sanger and is easily one of the top 3 hulls for weight to wake ratio. The bigger models are very capable but require considerably more weight and in turn use more fuel but if you regularly have a big crew then the 210 might be on the small side, but for a 21ft boat it's very roomy with ample storage.

ralph 12-06-2009 1:26 PM

"210 is the flagship wake boat" I don't think you can say that, from what I have read lots of people prefer the V215 wake over the V210. Also the V215 has a lot more freeboard so is safer to weight up for "pro" style wake size and shape.

clotus 12-06-2009 2:28 PM

I was in the same "boat" in July. I picked up a left-over 08 V215 for a great price. I too was concerned about the low free-board. I came from a 19ft fourwinns, so as you could imagine the differences. We took the boat for a test drive and honestly it did not seem very low. Yes it sits a lot lower than the fourwinns did, but I noticed the back sat equally low. The surprising thing I discovered was the Sanger handled the chop much better than my runabout. It also handles the chop much better than my buddies Supreme (same length). I am now a huge Sanger fan! <BR> <BR>PS - One plus I never thought about until I loaded and unloaded it the first day, the lower freeboard makes it much easier to reach into the boat while its on the trailer. You can grab bags off the seat without having to jump into it. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by clotus on December 06, 2009)

clotus 12-06-2009 2:47 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/750448.jpg" alt="Upload">

krbaugh 12-06-2009 3:14 PM

Great looking Boat!!

lifetimewarranty 12-06-2009 3:33 PM

Sweet 215 Clotus.

05mobiuslsv 12-06-2009 3:34 PM

I think the 237 is a sharp boat. I wouldn't be afraid of putting it on my short list.

wake_upppp 12-06-2009 5:09 PM

Darren, I respectfully disagree. The 210 wake is narrower, allowing a longer line and has a better lip at the top and the 215 wake is wider and more rounded and requires much more wight to get their. But it's all rider preference.

wake_upppp 12-06-2009 5:21 PM

From the Sanger website about the 210, "this boat offers excellent advanced wakes for the hardcore wakeboarder..." They also talk about the 215 being the better barefoot and slalom boat... and I tend to agree from my own experience with both.

rallyart 12-06-2009 5:26 PM

Clotus, what's the rack the surf boards are on?

rio_sanger 12-06-2009 8:31 PM

LOL, the only time Sanger owners disagree is when the 210 vs 215 wake thing comes up. <BR> <BR> Basic Physics would suggest the 90" beam would sink more than the 96" beam with the same weight. <BR> <BR> ...argue on <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

ralph 12-06-2009 9:25 PM

I've never ridden the V215, just repeating what I have heard from people who have ridden both. I love the V210 wake tho! <BR>While the V210 is low on the sides it is surprisingly dry, it has a special way of rolling around which keeps water from coming over the back and sides.

travisz 12-07-2009 10:45 AM

Hey guys! I have an 05 V210 I usually load it up with about 3300 lbs in it and the wake is kickin! Be CAREFULL really learn how to turn the boat.. when the boat settles after you let off the throttle the rub rail is literally 2-3 inches above the water.... The V210 is a great boat but needs to be loaded nose heavy.. also you dont need 3300lbs in it to get a killer wake but it definetly helps. good luck!

dave27 12-07-2009 11:33 AM

I put about 2500lbs in my 05 V215, I love the low profile of the boat. I like being able to reach in the boat when it is on the trailer and being able to pull my self in the boat from the sides and bow. But you do have less storage b/c of the lower free board. You do have to pay attention where the bow of your boat is. It is easy to swamp it. But I paid $24K for mine. It is a great boat. No problems yet. The first owner fixed all the little problems you get with a new boat. I am a fan!

clotus 12-07-2009 12:37 PM

Art, the tower is a monster tower rack. We got it to fit a thicker surfboard. When we got the board pictured it was much tinnner so we added the pads.

stephan 12-07-2009 1:07 PM

Sangers are awesome. They may sit a little low at slow speeds but the entire boat rises up out of the water and allows them to take chop with the best of em. I ride a 210 very frequently and love that boat. My buddies has close to 700 hours on his and she runs like a champ. My profile pic is of his 210 with some weight, bueno!

lifetimewarranty 12-07-2009 1:09 PM

Can't argue with that pic, heavy!

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