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tparider 06-16-2009 5:33 AM

Anyone know what kind of structural warranty Wetsounds has? Specifically, on the plastic housing the speaker sits in? <BR> <BR>What about the clamps that attach to the tower - any warranty there?

bsebllhglyknit 06-16-2009 5:40 AM

Wetsounds is by far the best company to work with in this industry. If wetsounds made boats I would buy a boat from them. <BR> <BR>What ever issue you have it will be taken care of. Everyone else is going to tell you the same thing. <BR>Call wetsounds and they will take care of you

bchesley 06-16-2009 6:01 AM

Have you called Wetsounds directly or checked their site? Seems much easier than waiting on second hand info on a board?

tparider 06-16-2009 6:19 AM

I have contacted them and didn't get the response that I had hoped for. My speakers were some of the initial ones from a couple of years ago, so I wasn't sure how long "warranty" replacement of any defects or issues would be honored.

bjeremi 06-16-2009 6:24 AM

Whats wrong with your speakers?

tparider 06-16-2009 6:53 AM

Okay, looks like I'm SOL. Just checked out the WetSounds site. <BR> <BR>How Long Coverage Last <BR><b>This warranty runs for one year from the date of the purchase.</b> ***You need to REGISTER your warranty online within 45 days of your purchase at <a href="http://www.wetsounds.com" target="_blank">www.wetsounds.com</a> - click on “warranty registration” – to activate the full ONE YEAR warranty. If you do not register within time allotted then your warranty beyond 45 days may be Null and Void.

nate01 06-16-2009 6:56 AM

i love my wetsounds but the plastic housing does seem a bit flimsy. like in rough water it flexs quite a bit. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nate01 on June 16, 2009)

wetsounds1 06-16-2009 7:05 AM

David, <BR> <BR>We offer a one year manufacturers warranty. This is a warranty that covers manufacturers defects on all parts of the speaker. As some have mentioned we pride ourselves on not only offering the best products in the world but the best customer service we can. <BR> <BR>So no matter what the problem is. We always do our best to make it right. If the product is under warranty and considered a true warrantable issues, We take care of it right away. And if a product is out of warranty. (or a consumer damage) We still work with our customers on replacement parts at a large discount to get whatever problem they have resolved. <BR> <BR>Your speakers are out of the warranty period. They are over 2 years old. Also, I spoke with Gyver. He said that he went above and beyond with you since you had been a long term customer. He offered replacement parts at over 50% to 70% off of the normal replacement parts cost depending on which part. And that he offered to swap all the parts and build them out for no cost for you and test them to make sure everything else was up to spec. <BR> <BR>And now I see this post…? I feel that we go well above and beyond what any other companies do. I have been in the audio business for many years. And I feel that we have the best service anywhere. <BR> <BR>I guess the best analogy is a car company. When you buy a car. You know it has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. At 4 years or 50,000 miles, you are out of warranty. You are NOT SOL. It is just the way it is. It is the way it was when your purchased that car. The car company is not doing anything wrong by making you pay after the warranty period is over. I just don’t understand why we should be viewed different. And in fact, go to a car company and try to have them fix your car that is out of warranty. Do you think they would offer you the parts at 50% to 70% off. Or how about do the labor for free. <BR> <BR>If anyone has an issue or question with a warranty item. The best option is to call the office 877-938-7757. You can ask for Gyver or Joe. <BR> <BR>Tim <BR>Wet Sounds

bjeremi 06-16-2009 8:05 AM

Way to go Tim! Sounds you went well above and beyond what should be expected. I dont anyone could ask for more.

kirk 06-16-2009 8:12 AM

"I have contacted them and didn't get the response that I had hoped for." <BR> <BR>What was that? Free speakers? I think Tim went over and above what most companies would have done. It looks like he tried to find a resolution for you and you drag the issue onto a discussion board. Nice...

tparider 06-16-2009 8:18 AM

Thanks for your post, Tim. <BR> <BR>I appreciate your info and yes, I have been in touch with Gyver and he did make some consolations for me. Unfortunately, we never spoke of a warranty claim (obviously now I see why), and until checking your site this morning, I wasn't aware of your warranty period. <BR> <BR>Of course, in these tougher times, I was looking to see if any of the issues that I was having would be covered under any type of warranty to minimize my out of pocket expense, and what that warranty period would be. Posting here on WW, with many Wet Sounds customers reading and posting here daily, seemed like the best option to get a quick answer to my question. <BR> <BR>Obviously, I'm grateful to Gyver for his generous offer, and understand that I'm not entitled to anything beyond the one year warranty. As you may have noticed from the title of the thread, I was simply looking for a concrete answer on the warranty period - nothing more. <BR> <BR>Thanks again for taking your time to post, Tim. It's great to know that an owner/operator would take the time to personally address things like this, however small they may be.

wetsounds1 06-16-2009 8:26 AM

David, <BR> <BR>No problem at all. We try our best to always make everything right. But we realize that there is a balance on what we can and can't do as a manufacturer. As there is that balance between keeping customers happy and then also sticking to our printed warranty coverage. If we do not stick to our policy, as you can imagine things would get out of hand. So we feel that working on an agreeable solution on parts for out of warranty products is the best way to address it. <BR> <BR>Tim <BR>Wet Sounds

tparider 06-16-2009 8:33 AM

Absolutely, and thanks for the clarification, Tim.

murphy_smith 06-16-2009 8:33 AM

Help me understand... <BR> <BR>After speaking with Wetsounds and not getting the result you wanted you decided to post on the forum to gain leverge against Wetsounds hoping that they would see this and replace your out of warranty speakers. <BR> <BR>Tougher times....you are in medical sales, have a 2005 wakesetter, and own Wetsounds speakers. You have to be kidding me. <BR> <BR>Sorry to be such an ass, but I am sick and tired of people taking advantage of Wetsounds and warranty/service issues on these forums. I have no affiliation with Wetsounds either. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Murphy_Smith on June 16, 2009)

tparider 06-16-2009 8:56 AM

I'm not sure if you neglected to read my first post in this thread, Murphy. <BR> <BR>I'll copy it here for you: <BR>Anyone know what kind of structural warranty Wetsounds has? Specifically, on the plastic housing the speaker sits in? <BR> <BR>What about the clamps that attach to the tower - any warranty there? <BR> <BR> <BR>Had the second post in the thread been, "They have a 1 year warranty," then the initial question would have been answered and that would have been that. <BR> <BR>And Murphy, I'm fairly certain I don't know you, so I would never assume to understand your current position in today's world based on your WakeWorld profile. I'll hope you would extend me the same courtesy.

murphy_smith 06-16-2009 9:27 AM

Ok, just saw the part about no warranty talk... <BR> <BR>I guess I understand a bit why you asked about warranty <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Murphy_Smith on June 16, 2009)

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