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malibuboarder75 06-30-2006 4:59 PM

Ok, we finally fixed the engine 2 weeks ago. But we were still having charging problems. We took off the alternator and guess what, both bolts were broken inside of the engine block. The same alternator our mechanic installed. We drilled out the bolts then pulled them out of the block. We also noticed one of the wires wasn't hooked up. This must be the shady work of our mechanic. Now our boat finally charges and gets a good reading. Maybe most of our problems were our mechanic and not the boat. Should we report our mechanic to malibu? Not that we are ever going to use him again.

kstateskier 06-30-2006 5:11 PM

Is it a Malibu dealership you are using? If you are just using a shade tree mechanic I would assume Malibu wouldn't really care about the issues. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kstateskier on June 30, 2006)

oaf 06-30-2006 7:15 PM

Report the mechanic or at least post his name and shop here on the board so no one uses them. I have been screwed by a mechanic in the past and it has cost me close to $10,000 (no BS) to fix what he did wrong not to mention days missed on the river and general frustration. If the guy is a Malibu guy report him to malibu, but please give us his name so no one ends up going to him, at least on the this forum, again. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by oaf on June 30, 2006)

malibuboarder75 07-01-2006 12:45 AM

This is the mechanic my dealership uses. I will never again go to a mechanic on my boat. These boats are too easy to work on and all of the mechanics around here are shady.

mjmurphy53711 07-01-2006 7:11 AM

Thanks alejandro!

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