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agfan12 02-12-2005 9:44 PM

I go to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, I have previously tried to get a club/team started and was pretty much told hell no by the school and their 'risk manager.' I am now working on starting one again, but this time 'loosley affiliate' it with the school so we don't have to deal with the schools insurance. I guess this question is aimed at the people who go to schools that have a wake club/team (specifically those who did NOT have a ski team in place when the wake one started). How did you get your club boat?...Did you have a rich member buy it? Did you set up a cheap lease? Or did you do what I hope to do and get a demo and volunteer you and your clubs services for boat shows, demo's, and to pull tourneys? Detailed info would be very helpful, feel free to e-mail me too. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Daniel <BR><a href="mailto:dpbowen@gmail.com">dpbowen@gmail.com</a> <BR> <BR>P.S. If you or someone you know happens to work for a dealership in Southern California...a hookup would be AWESOME.

agfan12 02-26-2005 7:27 PM

Come on people...this is rediculous. I know some of you can help me.

kstateskier 02-27-2005 1:35 AM

I really doubt there at that many club boats. I know a lot of well established water ski teams without boats. Kansas State's ski team has been around since 1983 and is one of the most successful in the country over the last 5+ years and they do not own a boat. We just had people in the community that would pull practice. Some more boats are opening up now. The Wisconsin schools have a deal worked out with Malibu and some other schools are getting in with them. A lot of our ski team members had promo boats, so that was another source of boats. Together, we probably had access to 10+ boats at any given time at K-State. Dealerships, at least in Kansas, weren't too willing to set up programs, and unless you have a large membership with a lot of membership dues, it's hard to make payments, especially if you are using those dues for travel and other expenses as well.

agfan12 02-27-2005 3:01 PM

Thanks for the response nick.

tigerblp 03-01-2005 11:29 AM

Daniel, keep an eye out on collegewakeboard.com for info regarding how to get a boat. We will probably have something posted on that within the next month.

03-01-2005 6:46 PM

Talk to some of the teams from this site. Maybe they can help. I know that I have seen at least one college team ski boat for sale on ebay within the last couple of months. Good luck! <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.ncwsa.com" target="_blank">www.ncwsa.com</a>

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