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west 05-24-2004 2:46 PM

Does anyone know anything about him and the last stop??

jarrod 05-24-2004 3:12 PM

he didn't ride in orlando. he's out.

raider40 05-24-2004 5:02 PM

I didn't see him there.....the rest of the Gator crew was there but I didn't see him

west 05-25-2004 3:31 AM

Yeah but I thought that since he qualified in Orlando then he qualifies for the rest of the tournaments. I tought he was just cut from the Orlando tournament. Maybe he just said F^^^ tournaments...he doesn't really like them anyway!

buffalow 05-25-2004 6:59 AM

I spoke with him last week and he did not have the cash to make it down to Texas. He should be at reno and malibu open. He got his 23' Malibu and is riding every day in Bakersfield.

jonb 05-25-2004 7:04 AM

hea, jrod i thought that he made it far enough in orlando to make the top 40 and that he didnt ride in the finals because he was supposedly late. i could be wrong but that was how i understand that whole thing going down.

jonb 05-25-2004 7:06 AM

also according to the points on the pro topur site, as of 5/7/04 he was tied in 25 in points with someone else.

jarrod 05-25-2004 7:10 AM

Yeah maybe that's the case. Sounds like he's going to Reno.

jonb 05-25-2004 7:37 AM

i hope that he rides the irvine stop so that i can see him ride in person

eas 05-25-2004 7:53 AM

I'm not saying it's untrue, but does anyone else find it odd that a top 25 pro can't come up with a $400 plane ticket? What about his sponsors? Not one of them cared enough to get him there? Am I way off base on this one? Just seems strange that there are only five PWT stops all year, and there wasn't enough planning involved to make sure you had a ride to all of them.

jonb 05-25-2004 8:14 AM

yea they should be able to, you forgot the hotel, and rental car, and expensive restaurant food that they have to deal with when they travel.

eas 05-25-2004 8:29 AM

I realize getting there is only part of it, but couldn't he crash with one of his Gator teammates; I'm sure if he was that desperate a local would have even taken him in (locals love that kind of crap). Oh well, just seems a bit strange that money is the reason a pro couldn't make one of only five PWT events. Of course, if they are not a priority to said pro, then my point is moot.

habersham 05-25-2004 10:01 AM

I agree with eric, the Gator bus was in Texas so he could sleep in there or just split the cost of a hotel room with a few people. They don't have to eat "expensive resturant food" there are fast food places in Texas. It is a pretty lame excuse for him to say he doesn't have the money to go to the stop, the max amount of money he could of spent if he split costs with other people for car rental and hotel room would be no more the $500. Maybe he needes to save up for his next tattoo.

tommyc 05-25-2004 2:21 PM

According to Gator...he said that Ricky had an important clinic he was putting on. He felt that it was important enough, to Ricky, to miss a tour stop. It has nothing to do with the price of a plane ticket, just responsibility.

eas 05-26-2004 7:56 AM

ahhhh.....now that's a different story. honoring a prior committment? very commendable. thanks for clearing that up T.

gb_boards 06-01-2004 9:26 AM

Ricky was putting on a clinic for one of our large dealers and felt that it was very important to be there. He will be in Reno as well as all of the rest of the tour stops. Thanks for everyone support! <BR> <BR>Brian Allred <BR>GB Team &amp; Sales Manager

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