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malibuboarder75 05-18-2004 6:41 PM

May 17th I went riding with some of the Liquid Force Pros on their Trip Across America. They came to New Orleans, LA and I filmed some of their riding. This video consists of Kevin Henshaw and Scott... Im not sure of scott's last name. The video is ok, I kind of slapped it together. We were riding their Team Super Air Nautique 210 with about 3500lbs of weight (820 stock ballast + 1300 extra fat sacs + 11 people). The wake was huge and these guys show it. The pros were awesome, really nice guys who were very helpful. I got to meet mike ennen, melissa marquardt, kevin henshaw, aaron grace, and scott. Hope you enjoy. <BR><a href="http://photos.wakeboarder.com/showphoto.php?photo=3920&amp;password=&amp;sort=7& amp;thecat=500" target="_blank">http://photos.wakeboarder.com/showphoto.php?photo=3920&amp;password=&amp;sort=7& amp;thecat=500</a>

sdboardr99 05-18-2004 7:10 PM

Did you get to hear Josh sing some karaoke?

blabel 05-18-2004 7:34 PM

Man that kid rips!!!!! <BR> <BR>Now that my friends is a GREAT wake <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

malibuboarder75 05-18-2004 7:54 PM

awesome wake blabelmooch, i could touch it standing straight up...waist high wake. talk about a wave. i did not hear josh sing...but man can josh do a fashion air, that guy hits himself in the back of the head with his fashion airs. he swears that he is going to bring the fashion air back. he is the funniest guy i have ever met. that group was awesome

malibuboarder75 05-18-2004 9:06 PM

wow, this video is being featured on wakeboarder.com. sounds good.

malibuboarder75 05-19-2004 6:27 AM

not getting much feedback on this video? It is ok to tell me if it sucks.

benhanisch 05-19-2004 1:42 PM

hey <BR>the video is good. kevin is so sick on his rip stick. he has the sickest stlye in the jr mens... he butters the muffin especially on his backside 5's. they are so clean....

malibuboarder75 05-19-2004 3:32 PM

I know, I had never seen this kid ride. But he sure did tear it up. Please, does anyone know who scott is, he rides for liquid force but isnt on the site? <BR>

98_searay 05-19-2004 3:35 PM

yea that movie did rip! why the hell do all wakeboard films have EMO in them Punk is alot better if u dont know what EMO is its like fall out boy, Brand New, story of the year

malibuboarder75 05-19-2004 5:37 PM

sorry, that music is kind of emo. I listen to all music except rap and country. Rock, punk, emo, whatever...its all good as long as there is some wakeboarding behind it.

blabel 05-19-2004 5:41 PM

Don't apologize for your choice in music, it's your video. <BR> <BR>I liked most of it. What band was that?

malibuboarder75 05-19-2004 6:14 PM

desaparecidos, cursive, then brand new... i wasnt really apologizing. but i understand that people would rather listen to punk over emo. I dont really like any of the new bands so I listen to a lot of underground and older stuff.

blabel 05-19-2004 9:49 PM

Yeah it's more of emo-core if you want to get technical! There are so many classifications and sub-classifications for music these days it's pathetic! Oh well, the style is different and creative and that's what drives me to it.

shutupandboard 05-20-2004 8:46 PM

What the heck is emo? Maybe i'm dumb.

tantrum20 05-20-2004 9:16 PM

it means emotional punk... personnally, I don't like it... but I guess it's more accessible than real punk... <BR> <BR>and what was that thing about emo-core??? this is really lame... if it's emo, it can't be core... anyway, I don't wanna get into an argument with this pathetic sub-classification of modern music...

blabel 05-20-2004 9:22 PM

Jonathan, this will explain it and probably confuse you even more at the same time: <BR> <BR><a href="http://toofar.tripod.com/ker2.html" target="_blank">http://toofar.tripod.com/ker2.html</a> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.imsoemo.com/styles.htm" target="_blank">http://www.imsoemo.com/styles.htm</a> <BR> <BR>Don't get angry, just listen to what you like <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

tantrum20 05-20-2004 9:52 PM

this is getting way too complicated... all I have to say is play whatever music you feel like playing regardless of how it's called or should be called... <BR>I'm not angry at all... I just find stupid that it has to get so complicated naming a music style... I guess some people doesn't have anything else to do but to classified their cds by music type... <BR>for my part, I'll continue to listen what I like whatever everyone else is saying...

tantrum20 05-20-2004 9:54 PM

sorry leo if it went too far away from the subject you first posted about...

shutupandboard 05-20-2004 10:16 PM

I like emo hip-hop south coast country. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/171266.gif" alt="">

malibuboarder75 05-21-2004 8:26 AM

Yea, this has gotten off the subjekt

tantrum20 05-21-2004 2:30 PM

all I can do is pulling back in the subject you posted about in the first place... so here we go... <BR>that kid surely know how to ride... only heard about him a couple of time but never saw any footage before this one... I would give away two left testicles to ride like this... he's gonna kill it this summer on the tour... well in the Jr. division I mean... <BR>and man... you're talking about ballast... never thought you could put that much weight in one single SAN... I mean it's not an X-80... the wake must have been pretty scary...

malibuboarder75 05-22-2004 9:06 PM

I was scared of the wake. I would charge it at about 30% and land about 3 feet in the flats...not too impressive but I was getting 8ft in the air. Kevin was hitting it at 100% (of course he would, he is awesome), and his indy glide proves that. I am used to my malibu response where you have to huck everything to land backrolls and tantrums, but with that wake you could pop up then flip just like they teach.

kristian 05-22-2004 9:54 PM

I saw Kevin ride a couple years ago, he was amazing then and only got better. Leo, great vid, well done. <BR> <BR>Jonathan: How the hell do you get two left testicles <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

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