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OnlyButter 04-03-2012 6:18 PM

Best lounger?
Hey all. Lookin for some ideas for a good lake lounger tube for either kids or adults. This one is badass, but too expensive: http://www.amazon.com/Gladiator-Empe...498638&sr=1-95

jbird 04-03-2012 7:34 PM

That intex oasis island thing is at costco for a lot cheaper!

brett564 04-04-2012 12:15 AM

From experience...

Those things deflated take up a ton of storage, far more than you would expect. So don't even consider it until you are ready to fill an entire rear locker with that alone. With that being said, if you and your friends really want one go ahead, but I fell victim to these and barely got my money back on CL. Unless you see these on your lake or know people who swear by them, just don't do it. Think wind, think patches, think storage, think how the people in those photos are 5 feet tall...

wakebrdr94 04-04-2012 8:50 AM

Costco has one very similar for $89.99. works great, but not towable. I want that liquid force party island as you can inflate and tow.

sippi 04-04-2012 9:17 AM

Get the living room!!!


i don't know how to embed the video, but feel free too. I also don't know how practical this thing is, but i've always thought it'd be funny as hell to see somebody riding down the river on one of these!

jrw160 04-04-2012 10:13 AM

Every large float we've ever had seems to get a hole in it pretty quickly. They are also a pretty big hassle to deal with.

JoLo_Si 04-04-2012 11:58 AM

A regular inflatable wading pool, the kind with three rings around them for little kids work great. They are super cheap, blow up fast, can hold way more people and water weight than you would expect. As a bonus, if you don't drape an arm over the side you tend to slide toward the middle which can be alot of fun when it''s coed. We actaully use them in the ocean all the time and it's a blast, they usually makes it through a few trips before it pops or the bottom blows out.

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