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curtis 01-23-2012 5:35 PM

wakesurfing Malibu LXI
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Our family has recently purchased a Malibu LXI for skiing wakeboarding etc... But we have started to get involved wakesurfing.

We have experimented with and without the wedge and have found that with the wedge it makes the wave really tall but narrows the pocket down considerably. Without the wedge the wave is smaller but is a whole lot longer and gives you way more room to play.

Our setup is:

400# behind engine
400# beside the engine
165# in the bow
+3 people.

One problem we have come across is the water level when surfing, with the wedge down and the weight the water is coming over the rub rail and flowing past the petrol vent. One day when we were surfing the boat just stopped and found out later that water had got into the petrol through the vent.

I was wondering what setup you guys have on your LXI or similar direct drive and maybe some photos of what your wave is like. Also any advice on how to stop water getting through the vent (dont know if anyone else has had this problem).

The photos i will attach are with the wedge down and you can see how low the back corner goes down.

Thanks guys

h20king 01-23-2012 7:52 PM

common problem with Malibu's you can relocate the fuel vent or put a one way check valve on

joeshmoe 01-24-2012 6:53 PM

I was worried about water getting in the vent and I rerouted the hose to go over the gas hose instead of under the line, so it goes in the vent and travels up before going down to the tank, this way even if water gets in the line it will just drain back out and I have had no problems.

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