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flamethewolf 08-06-2008 6:11 PM

I've really enjoyed this forum (lurking more than posting) since we bought our boat and got into wake boarding 2 years ago... <BR> <BR>Besides being a darn good wakeboarder (w2w 180's, 360's, working on backroll's) my wife just won the Grand Championship for American Gladiators.. unfortunately they didn't show any of our wakeboarding highlights on TV... you can see more of our story at our site. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.campgladiator.com" target="_blank">www.campgladiator.com</a> <BR> <BR>or at the NBC site <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.nbc.com/american_gladiators" target="_blank">www.nbc.com/american_gladiators</a> <BR> <BR>just thought I'd give a shout out to the wakeboarding community!!

lizrd 08-06-2008 6:20 PM

That's awesome!

helix_rider 08-06-2008 6:27 PM

Very cool Jeff, congrats to both of you. <BR>What is her show persona going to be?

flamethewolf 08-06-2008 6:28 PM

well its not a done deal this time around that the winners get to come back and be gladiators, but she will get the opportunity to try out.. still working on name ideas..

nuckledragger 08-06-2008 6:58 PM

Nice Jeff. Congrats to Ally. We watch that show religiously and my 4 year old daughter loves it.

kyle_neumann 08-06-2008 7:14 PM

nice man. congrats

radikal 08-06-2008 7:47 PM

whats it does when you won the grand prize ? <BR>But its nice anyway, congrats, I remember watching this when i was travelling in florida 10 years ago HAHa

jealous_soul 08-06-2008 8:37 PM

whoa! much props!

ncsuuh 08-06-2008 8:47 PM

I can't believe your wife won! That is awesome. I was watching it and thought it was over because the other girl had such an advantage going into the eliminator.

ord27 08-06-2008 9:27 PM

I saw that <BR>were you the guy that jumped into the water when she won? <BR>didn't you guys just get married? <BR>congrates! <BR>thats cool <BR>wow <BR>what a small world

flamethewolf 08-06-2008 10:09 PM

Yeah.. i got eliminated in the semi finals when I took a nasty spill on the eliminator.. got 15 stiches above my eye, cracked two ribs and a tooth.. she made the finals, and I was so excited when she won I dove in the pool after her.. she tried out on our wedding day!

tlatoani 08-06-2008 10:16 PM

Wow what a small world. Congrats! I was saving it on DVR to watch with my boys (they love the show). I guess I know who won now :P

westsidarider 08-06-2008 10:28 PM

yea they still havent signed on for a 3rd season. i follow pretty closely but thats awsome that the both of you made it so far. Bubba Army

snork 08-07-2008 6:20 AM

Congrats to Ally. I watch the Final Gladiator and your wife kicked some ars with a great time just over 2 min. If you feel the need for some river time let me know. I Wakeboard and Barefoot the Secret Spot every Sunday. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by snork on August 07, 2008)

mossy44 08-07-2008 7:45 AM

That is AWESOME!!!!! Congrats! I have been saying for the past 2 months that I want to try out. I just haven't found any details on the tryout yet.

eubanks01 08-07-2008 8:02 AM

Jeff - Congrats to you guys! Do you guys attend Watermark? I've been a member there since 2003 and some buddies mentioned that you guys went there as well. That's crazy that both winners are Dallasites!

lizzyb 08-07-2008 9:09 AM

That's a really neat story - congrats to you both!

flamethewolf 08-07-2008 9:51 AM

MCXSTAR - I would love to know what the "Secret Spot" is?? are you near DFW? <BR> <BR>Eubanks - yeah, we went through the premarital class at Watermark, and I've been going for about 3 years now

eubanks01 08-07-2008 10:16 AM

Sweet! Yeah, Kedersha had mentioned you guys were his proud couple that made it on American Gladiators! <BR> <BR>My wife and I lead tables at the premarital classes and just got done with a premarital community group. We are going to lead a Foundations Group this fall so maybe you guys will be assigned to our group! haha <BR> <BR>We should ride sometime. You need to check out Wakeboard Church at your lake. I usually ride at the Lavon chapter. It is a really cool group of Dallas folks riding and worshiping together. <BR><a href="http://www.wakeboardchurch.com" target="_blank">www.wakeboardchurch.com</a>

jayson_49 08-07-2008 12:07 PM

My 5yr old son and I watched AG every Monday, congrats to your wife and you also for doing well on the show!, that's some hardcore stuff. I do remember seeing a quick clip on the show earlier in the season of you and your wife riding in your X1. I was like, "Wow, they must wakeboard!" lol<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

flamethewolf 08-07-2008 1:00 PM

If they get resigned for season 3, I'll give you guys some tips on the tryout process... it was really an amazing experience.. and who knows we might be upgrading the x1 to an xstar <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

snork 08-07-2008 1:25 PM

oops <BR> <BR>(Message edited by snork on August 07, 2008)

snork 08-07-2008 1:27 PM

The Secret Spot is about an hour and a half south of Dallas. E-mail me for more info <a href="mailto:xstar07-forsale@yahoo.com">xstar07-forsale@yahoo.com</a>

eubanks01 08-07-2008 2:42 PM

MCXSTAR - Do you have a lot down there? I heard there were no campers or trailers to be left down there overnight anymore. Is that true?

romes 08-07-2008 2:48 PM

yea i want some pointers..i wanna try out for that SHEIT

romes 08-07-2008 2:50 PM

do they try and make those 2 guys in the finals as corny as they seemed or are they really like that?

flamethewolf 08-07-2008 5:05 PM

they were really nice guys... Tim is actually from Texas too and went to A&amp;M... it's tough because your all amped up and nervous when you do the interviews because the whole experience is so surreal

snork 08-08-2008 8:46 AM

Eubanks- You are correct. There are no campers allowed unattended overnight. Still a great place to wakeboard as long as there is enough water in the river.

flamethewolf 08-08-2008 12:47 PM

MCXSTAR - I sent you an email when you get a chance

gene3x 08-14-2008 2:57 PM

Hey Jeff did you buy that X-1 from Buxton? That looks like Cody Bears old boat. Congrats on the wife's win, that is pretty cool!

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