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bstroop 01-15-2019 6:28 AM

Never say never (boat comparison)
I've always been pretty decisive about my boat purchases and never thought I'd ask for a boat comparison. Soooooo.....I'd appreciate some outside perspective on two boats.

2012 Moomba Mojo - 336 hours, well kept, clean, and it's at a local Moomba dealer less than 5 miles away. Completely bone stock.

2011 Axis A22 - 260 hours, appears to be very clean and well kept. Has the plug and play ballast on top of factory.

Axis ($41,700)
Moomba ($44,500) It's on consignment and I saw it listed for less when it was on craigslist.

Even split between wakeboarding, surfing, hydrofoiling, and tubing. Doesn't need to be a pro at any one activity. Both are beautiful and I'm sure would suit our family well. I know both are price point boats but would like some feedback about overall performance, reliability, and quality of each. Both will be water tested as well.

I appreciate any perspective from the group.


theloungelife 01-15-2019 11:20 AM

I can't speak for the surf wave, but in my opinion the wakeboard wake on the A22 is going to be better than the Mojo. I own a 13' A22 though so might be biased. I demoed a Mojo in 2012 and it just wasn't as good. Fit and finish the Mojo is probably better, but the A22 isn't bad.

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