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wakeworld 03-26-2010 8:54 AM

We Have Widened The Forums/Bigger Photos
Some of you expressed frustration with the fact that the forums were a little narrower than the old ones because of the skyscraper ad we had on the right side. Therefore, we removed that ad and replaced it with a Leaderboard ad that appears after the first post. That way, we're still able to run the ad, but you get use of the full width of the screen. This will also allow us to increase the maximum photo width allowed to 900 pixels.

I think we also solved a problem with people using image links to post photos wider than the maximum width, which would throw the forum formatting out of whack. You can see the solution below, which not only resizes the photo for easy viewing, but also allows you to click on it to view the original size. Please let me know if the photo below is going wider than 900 pixels on your screen. It shouldn't, but I just want to make sure this plug-in is working.

Keep the suggestions coming and we'll keep tweaking to make things better!

wakeworld 03-26-2010 9:24 AM


joesell 05-15-2010 6:09 AM

Do my photo's automatically get resized if they're too big? This might sound stupid, but I honestly don't know how to resize my pic's. I have a camera that lets me do it there. But that doesn't help me if the pic's were taken on a different one.

wakeworld 05-15-2010 7:47 AM

Yes, they do, but the photo size has to be within reason. I have to pay for bandwidth, so there are file size limits so I don't have somebody trying to load a 20 megabyte photo when the optimized size would end up at about 100k. Go to the Advanced posting (where you can add an attachment) and click on the Attach icon (paperclip) to see a breakdown of all the acceptable files and file sizes permitted. 99% Of the time you won't have to resize.

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