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bbr 10-07-2004 9:01 AM

Just read the story and looked through all the pics about Expo, and like normal, CWB doesn't get their name dropped, and no pics posted of the new gear. They are one of the industry leaders and put out the best products out there (my opinion). They also stay away from "gimmicks" that don't really work anyway, and make equipment that just works. <BR> <BR>Maybe its a good thing, that way the industrys' not flooded with the same stuff, and the same dumb-ass gimmicks.

toolfan 10-07-2004 9:21 AM

does this not count? <BR> <BR><a href="http://wakeworld.com/Galleries/GetImage.asp?GalleryID=223&amp;ImageID=61" target="_blank">http://wakeworld.com/Galleries/GetImage.asp?GalleryID=223&amp;ImageID=61</a>

jsebnick 10-07-2004 9:46 AM

That sure looks like CWB product to me, maybe he just neededto hear himself wine.

stephan 10-07-2004 11:09 AM

Brandon is not a whiner. He's a believer in the company that believes in him. I agree with him. The Absolute has consistently been one of the top boards the last few years &amp; it never gets an press. CWB has stepped up their game the last few years and despite being one of the top companies get very little obligatory press. Where's the nice writeup for the Transcend? It's unique.

wakeguru 10-07-2004 1:01 PM

If I hear that word gimmick one more time I'm gonna put my foot through the wall. <BR>It's called marketing, and some companies are better at it than others.

dakid 10-07-2004 1:06 PM


wakeguru 10-07-2004 1:18 PM

Bastage! Good thing I had the volume down on my computer. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

dakid 10-07-2004 2:01 PM


sdboardr99 10-07-2004 2:27 PM

It's up to CWB to issue press releases - for example, why haven't they issued something congratulating Andrew for his win at Worlds? That's a perfect opportunity to support their rider and promote the new board at the same time.

snoobs 10-07-2004 2:31 PM

SCHEE DUBLE YOU BEE- their the only company that actually 'answers' the phone when you call them.

toolfan 10-07-2004 2:40 PM

....and Gator. <BR> <BR>I like the fact that CWB has AWESOME boards and a non-intrusive advertising campaign. <BR> <BR>I think they let their product speak for itself.

soak_up_the_sun 10-07-2004 2:45 PM

Here you go...this was emailed to me yesterday:} <BR> <BR>Vans WWA Wakeboard World Championship (selected topics from press <BR>release sent by world sports and marketing) <BR> <BR>Adkison Makes First Win a Big One <BR> <BR>Orlando, Florida (October 3, 2004) - Andrew Adkison made his first <BR>professional victory a big one, taking the top spot in the Pro Men's <BR>division of the Vans WWA Wakeboard World Champion on Sunday at Orlando <BR>WaterSports Complex. Dallas Friday won the Pro Women's World Championship in <BR>this the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Wakeboarding. <BR>After finishing in fourth place, just off the podium in the 2003 Vans <BR>WWA Wakeboard World Championship, Adkison was hungry for a victory in <BR>2004. However, Adkison was the first rider off the dock in the Pro Men's <BR>Final, a tough place to start to bring home the win. <BR>However, Adkison was focused, "I always ride well at OWC," said <BR>Adkison. "I look forward to this event because it is the last event of the <BR>year and you have nothing to lose. You can go out there and really go for <BR>it." <BR>As far as being the first guy off the dock, Adkison had a little <BR>motivation, "Danny Harf was the first rider off the dock at the Nationals in <BR>2003, and he won. I think I can do the same. If you go out there and <BR>throw down the run of the year, the judges will remember." <BR>Adkison did just that, landing a 720 and 900 behind the Nautique 226 in <BR>his opening pass, setting the bar high as the first rider off the dock. <BR>Still, Bonifay had a chance to catch Adkison sitting and waiting in the <BR>next to last spot off the dock. Had Bonifay landed his double-half-cab <BR>off the double up, he may have had enough to catch Adkison who could <BR>not land his double up. Bonifay's run was marked by a number of technical <BR>tricks including a whirly-540 a new move he unveiled for the Worlds. <BR>Trevor Hansen took third place on the day, but Hansen had arguably the <BR>best run off the wake, but could not catch up to Bonifay and Adkison on <BR>the sliders. <BR>This is Adkison's third year as a pro, and first pro victory. He won <BR>Rookie of the Year honors in 2002. <BR>In the Boys division Robert Soven, little brother of Phillip Soven won <BR>his first Boys division world championship, finishing ahead of Boys <BR>National Champion Reed Hansen who finished second and Jimmy Lariche who <BR>finished third. <BR> <BR>The Vans Triple Crown of Wakeboarding, the largest wakeboarding series <BR>in the sport, will air on Fox SportsNet: <BR>Vans WWA Wakeboard Worlds Sept. 30-Oct. 3 Fox Sports Net - Oct. 26, 4 <BR>pm <BR>(Orlando, FL) <BR>The Vans Triple Crown Series is made possible through the support of <BR>Ford Trucks, Right Guard, Mountain Dew, NBC Sports and Fox Sports Net. <BR>The Vans Triple Crown Series features the world's top athletes <BR>participating in premier venues throughout North America for the top prize purse <BR>in each of six action sports: Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, BMX, <BR>Freestyle Motocross, Surfing and Snowboarding. <BR> <BR>Vans WWA Wakeboard World Championship <BR>Final Results <BR>Sunday at Orlando WaterSports Complex <BR> <BR> Pro Men Finals <BR>1 Andrew Adkison (USA-FL) 75.25 CWB <BR>2 Parks Bonifay (USA-FL) 74.80 <BR>3 Trevor Hansen (USA-FL) 71.35 CWB <BR> Boys FINALS <BR>1 Robert Soven (USA-FL) 72.00 <BR>2 Reed Hansen (USA-FL) 70.22 CWB <BR>3 Jimmy Lariche (USA-FL) 66.44 <BR> <BR>In other action on Saturday, the 2004 Junior Men's World Champion was <BR>crowned. Surprisingly, Aaron Rathy of Canada took home the title in his <BR>first-ever wakeboarding competition. Rathy has been a successful <BR>three-event skier for years. Three event skiing is comprised of slalom, jump <BR>and trick skiing. <BR>Rathy successfully translated his trick skiing skills into wakeboarding <BR>to take home one of the biggest victories and upsets of the year. Rathy <BR>upset Junior Men's veterans Jeff House (CWB Team) and Kevin Henshaw for <BR>the victory. Henshaw, a fellow Canadian won the Junior X Series on the <BR>Pro Wakeboard Tour this year, but finished third on Saturday. <BR> <BR>We are extremely pleased to have so many of our riders place in the Pro <BR>Mens, Junior Mens and Boys events. To have Andrew win is tremendous <BR>and will provide even more support for his new model CWB Transcend board <BR>introduced earlier this year. Trevor had one of his best runs of the <BR>season and we are excited about his performance at the worlds, and <BR>future he has in the sport. We appreciate our whole Team for the <BR>contribution they made in 2004 to promote our brand, and improve our products. <BR> <BR>attached photo: Andrew and Trevor, with Parks on the podium at the <BR>Worlds. <BR> <BR>Best Regards, <BR> <BR>Gordy Holmes <BR>Sr. Vice President, Marketing <BR>Connelly/CWB <BR>

210n 10-07-2004 4:04 PM

what's with cwb's website, cwbwakeboards.com, that's like saying connelly wakeboards wakeboards. there's too much repetition, and it confuses me. I think connelly should just lose the cwb thing and use the original name instead of the cwb thing and just put big block letters saying connelly on the bottom of their boards like that old purple one. It would be sweet and connelly would burst out of that generation x, nu-metal, late 1990s style of marketing replacing all their molded flame tops of their boards with cooler designs like the absolute platinums. down with the transend graphics, or prepare to go the way of krown wakeboards.....ugghh just typing that companys name makes me all feel dirty and disgusting.

got_river 10-07-2004 4:19 PM

I am sure CWB will run an ad congratulating Andrew on his win in an upcoming mag issue. <BR> <BR>Malibu did with Dallas... <BR> <BR>I like it when companies congratulate their riders...or welcome riders to the team like DVS did with Parks. <BR> <BR>Josh

deepstructure 10-07-2004 7:15 PM

most of that press release has been on the front page for awhile in the content of this article: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/news/2004/wsm30.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/news/2004/wsm30.asp</a>

magellan 10-07-2004 7:31 PM

I thought the same thing about HO. Why do they use the name Hyperlite when everybody knows they are HO skis. Even the guy who claims he owns them last name is Obrien cause he started a ski company. <BR>I respect Obrien for not trying to change their name. <BR>

mango 10-07-2004 9:28 PM

Just as Rodney Dangerfield would say "I Get No Respect"

stephan 10-08-2004 9:32 AM

Magellan, the HO/Hyperlite/O'Brien story is much more in depth &amp; checkered than what you described above. It's like saying Nautique shouldn't have their "Air" Series, it just differentiates the boards from the skis, same as separating wake &amp; ski boats.

chavezychavez 10-08-2004 1:14 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>everybody knows they are HO skis<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>Haha, yeah right! I would bet 75% of Hyperlite owners DON'T know they are buying HO Sports. <BR> <BR>I would place the same bet on CWB owners not knowing of the connection to Connelly.

jsebnick 10-08-2004 1:18 PM

I believe I'd take that bet if I was a gambling man, 75 percent is a little over board don't you think.

chavezychavez 10-08-2004 1:20 PM

Justin, simply put, no. We (those somewhat in the know) represent an enormously small portion of wakeboarders.

jsebnick 10-08-2004 1:27 PM

They should run a poll to see how many people know what CWB stands for.

timmy 10-08-2004 1:36 PM

take a poll see how many CARE if the companies are connected or what they stand for.

chavezychavez 10-08-2004 2:19 PM

TIm, now that would be an interesting poll. <BR> <BR>Justin, I was walking around at a wake event recently with the local CWB rep, and he was handing out CWB stickers. He handed them to some kids (probably 17 or 18 year old) and they looked at the sticker, and looked at us and asked (dead serious), "what's CWB?" <BR> <BR>I about shat myself. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

210n 10-08-2004 2:38 PM

wakeboards is one word, they should just change it to c-dubya

big_rob 10-08-2004 7:57 PM

CWB is the only board I have ever had (2 years) and until reading this post I had no idea what CWB stood for. <BR>

jsebnick 10-11-2004 6:27 AM

You cannot be serious! Not once did you ask yourself what CWB meant? I guess that shows how much people really care.

wakeworld 10-11-2004 9:57 AM

I guess I have to ask what should I have mentioned about CWB in the article? For that article I point out stuff that is innovative, different, quirky and, sometimes, just plain stupid. We don't review the performance of anything. We just point out stuff that I believe people will think is interesting. <BR> <BR>CWB didn't really have anything that fit into that category. That's not to say that they don't have great products or that there is anything wrong with what they are offering, but this wasn't a product review article. People that are reading the Expo article want to know what crazy stuff will be coming out in 2005. I did include a pic of their top of the line boards so that people could see the graphics. However, they really didn't offer anything shocking or that we haven't seen before. The Transcend probably would have fallen into this category, but it's pretty much old news since it came out last May. <BR> <BR>Now that I think about it, I probably could have included the Zeus bindings because of the little stainless steel studs on them, but, for whatever reason, I didn't get a pic of those. There is a lot of stuff to capture at that show and I'm sure that wasn't the only thing I missed. My apologies. <BR> <BR>Please let me know if I missed something else that should have stood out.

chavezychavez 10-11-2004 10:24 AM

The new topsheet on the Absolute Platinum. <BR>The new graphics on the Flame. <BR>The new "Deck" skate. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

wakeworld 10-11-2004 11:58 AM

The carbon fiber look on the topsheet has been done before (see Hyperlite Byerly). Same with the Flame graphic. Both very cool in my opinion, but if I mentioned every good looking board in that article, it would be a very long (and boring) one. Again, not what we were going for with that article. <BR> <BR>The Deck was a part of CWB's 2004 line. The only change that I can see was made to this board is that it is now made with 10-plys instead of 11. Looks like a fine board, but I still don't see why it would warrant mention in this article. Is there something I'm missing about this board?

malibuboarder75 10-11-2004 3:51 PM

CONNELY WAKE BOARDS = CWB...that was easy.

wsrmatt 10-12-2004 8:49 AM

My personal opinion is cwb seems like a company for posers ya know. they dont really have any cool riders or i guess you could say guys that are up on the trends. for example look at thier zeus bindings? how come they are putting punk rock studs on thier bindings? do they think the punk rock trend is just starting? i seen chris williams and thier whole crew three years ago here in cali riding with studs and spikes and that kinda stuff on thier bindings, life jackets, whatever but that was back when it was the style. and seriously look at thier wakeskate. is that something that you could go show a for real skateboarder and be like, "check out our sport." theyd think its stupid but if you showed them the casette bilevel or any of the wood decks or gate theyd get pumped. and dont you think the iron cross trend was already over with then they came out with a board claiming for the motorheads. thats board was just as bad as the board with flames? and whats up with the wakesurf rope? whats wrong with just holding a handle? isnt it easier? i think cwb is more the type of company that could be sold in target or toys r us and those types of stores. i dont have any idea what the guys who run this company are like but they dont seem like wakeboarders. they seem more like older guys that cant keep up with the trends and probably dont listen to thier riders all that much. pretty soon thier gonna somehow incorporate bandanas hanging from thier boardshorts cuz that was a big trend in so cal for awhile and now its done unless your a mulisha wannabe but like how fashion goes its starting to show up in other places way after its time. i bet the secret workers at thier factory are already working on stuff for next years big hot pink trend. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wsrmatt on October 12, 2004)

toolfan 10-12-2004 9:12 AM

you're right, they are posers because their riders aren't cool.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/triangle_down.gif" border=0> <BR>i always base my buying decision on the pro that rides it, never on the product itself.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/triangle_down.gif" border=0>

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 9:16 AM

That topsheet is not "carbon fiber". It has not been done before on any board in that manner. <BR> <BR>The airbrushed graphic on the Flame has not been done before, ever, or at least not in that manner. <BR> <BR>You are correct about the "deck" though.

jarrod 10-12-2004 9:25 AM

a company for posers? What the hell are you talking about? <BR> <BR>

chubbydaddy1 10-12-2004 9:38 AM


wsrmatt 10-12-2004 9:48 AM

For some wierd reason i never see guys riding cwb getting cool shots in the mags unless its some sort of add or the occasional shot of robby stru. Whys that? curious if any of you know cuz i obviously dont. hey Chavez i will for sure enjoy my hyperlite. also chavez dave williams said carbon fiber LOOK. and who cares if the designer airbrushed those flames. im sure you could paint anything up you want and throw it on a graphic sheet. haha thier flames anyway, who cares. on the whole cwb thing. couldnt they think of a better name and i wonder who chose this name. isnt wakeboards one word? yeah the iconn best board had carbon fiber but actually connelly t2 had the first carbon fiber deal going. honeycomb core with carbon fiber topsheets. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wsrmatt on October 12, 2004)

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 10:07 AM

Yeah, no shots in mags, but they are pulling in podium finishes wherever they ride. Interesting isnt it? Did you stop to think that the mag shots might have something to do with $$$ paid in advertising to the mags? <BR> <BR>You could "paint anything up" but nobody has stepped up before. They are flames yes, but the detail level is amazing. <BR> <BR>This all really doesn't matter much anymore now though, as CWB is now "under" the Bob Archer umbrella. <BR> <BR>

10-12-2004 10:22 AM

What's the correct answer to the poll question?

dirwoody 10-12-2004 10:28 AM

Matt - Have u ever rode the zeus' they kill, so who cares about the studs on them? Sure they may be along the punk rock trend, but they're probably more after the "bling" trend like everybody else, including your precious parks.

guido 10-12-2004 10:35 AM

Not so sure I like the look of all the CWB designs. I think the fake carbon is kinda lame and the Zeus' don't need the studs, but c'mon, the boards and bindings are sick designs (looks aside). I can't even believe than anyone would say their riders suck. Adkinson, Hansen, Struharik...Those guys all kill it. I would, maybe think about new graphics designers, however. The Absoulte and the Prodigy are kinda lame looking and I'm not into the flame thing anyway, but that's personal preference and I would never say they make a bad product.

wakeworld 10-12-2004 11:08 AM

I realize the top is not carbon fiber. That's why I said it had a "carbon fiber look." How is it different from the look that Hyperlite gave to the <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/boardguide/getboard4.asp?ProductID=1613">2003 Hyperlite Byerly 137 DNA</a>? I'm all about giving credit where credit is due, but I only see a color change. What am I missing? <BR> <BR>Again, the Flame is a great looking board, but does it really warrant a special mention. The detail is awesome, but there have been flame boards since Insane produced the <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/BoardGuide/getboard.asp?BoardID=332">Hot Rod series</a> in 1999. Again, let me know if I'm missing something. <BR> <BR>Put yourself in my shoes. I can't mention every board that has "amazing detail" since there are a lot of them. <BR> <BR>

wsrmatt 10-12-2004 11:20 AM

im not saying thier riders suck. yeah trust me i know that trevor hansen or stru and adkinson all rip. i just dont care for adkinsons style or hansnes or but rob has a sick style. what i meant by that is what if randal or watson, ricky g or lyman rode for them. i bet those type of riders would help cwb out bigtime. i agree 110% with evan that they need a grahpic designer. they have always needed one for the most part. also has anyone ever noticed the cwb pro team riders never really get any cool video spots?

stephan 10-12-2004 11:44 AM

Adkison had a good spot in Underestimated. Personally I agree with Matt's statement on not having those type of riders. The thing is, they do have the next big CA rider, trust me! As for graphics I don't see what's wrong with theirs. This years boards look great.

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 11:57 AM

The top sheet uses a different material than the Byerly did. I will give you the look is the same, but the sheet is different. <BR> <BR>The hot rod series is nothing at all like the Flame. As you said the detail is awesome, but it is absolutely NEW to the industry. Nobody has done a production board with this type of airbrush graphic. <BR> <BR>Matt, how in the h-e-double hockey sticks would Ricky or Lyman help CWB? Is serious podium time not enough? Atkinson and Hansen will get more and more exposure as they podium more and more events. They are also working to sign new and upcoming riders that will be mainstream in the next few years. An excellent example of this is the recent signing of Derrick Conway. <BR> <BR>PS: CWB would want nothing to do with Ricky or his "image" I can guarantee you. You spoke of the "posers" wearing their bandanas and such? Well, there is the chief poser by your own account.

10-12-2004 12:16 PM

What's the freakin' answer to the poll???

stephan 10-12-2004 12:52 PM

I didn't complete my post. The simple fact is that those types of posers do sell boards. CWB targets the other side of the market. A little cleaner cut with a cleaner more technical style. Personally I think it's a great tactic because the other WSR style has been pretty well tapped. There is a whole other market away from CA that CWB absolutely makes a killing on ie. Midwest. As for the Zeus "punk rock bling" so far the response to mine has been either they love it or they get over it once they get their feet in the boots. I don't understand how you can disregard a product based on it's riders, how trendy is that...you may not like Zane's style but anyone who has ridden his board knows it's one of the best out there. I guess your idea of WSR is all about image &amp; who you want to ride like, too bad quality isn't figured into the picture. I guess I'm more subjective, I'll ride whatever feels right under my feet. <BR> <BR>Sorry Swass- It's actually "Crazy White Boys" <BR> <BR>(Message edited by stephan on October 12, 2004)

10-12-2004 12:55 PM

Fine. I'll go with the answer with the largest percentage. Ignore me again and I'll have to board your boat for a beat-down.

jarrod 10-12-2004 1:16 PM

Swass. "Connelly Wake Boards." No offense but the answer seemed kind of obvious, so I thought you were kidding around to be honest. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> <BR>

10-12-2004 1:20 PM

I figured 75% of respondents couldn't be wrong, but that's not what I thought the answer was. And, as everyone knows, I'm always right. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

wakeworld 10-12-2004 1:32 PM

I hate for this to seem like we're arguing back and forth because that is not my intention, but I'd really like to understand your side and so far I don't. <BR> <BR>So we both agree the look of the boards is same as a two-year-old Byerly, yet you say the material to make that look is different. Does it add a performance advantage or is it just another means to the same end? Again, I'm not seeing the wow factor that would make me want to include it in the article. <BR> <BR>You keep saying that the Flame graphic is "absolutely new" to the industry. How is it new? Flames have been done before. Airbrushing has been done before. I'm still not clear on the wow factor for this one either. <BR> <BR>Help me out...

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 2:05 PM

Dave, who has done airbrushing on a production board, in this level of detail no less? I mean real production here, not small-potatoes companies. <BR> <BR>There is no performance advantage to the topsheet - it is all bling. The performance advantage of an Absolute is noticed immediately after you say "go boat". Talk about a real "wow" factor. <BR> <BR>Same with the Transcend. Not too many people can claim the 3+ inch rockers without seriously undermining the performance characteristics of the board. This is not a gimmick line like the Parks. It is the real deal - anyone can ride these boards with confidence.

210n 10-12-2004 2:11 PM

yeah the parks has some dumb concave top which totally makes the bindings not even fit on it.

210n 10-12-2004 2:12 PM

and hey...dave aren't you supposed to be neutral? let's be fair here. (watch for this to to be deleted)

wakeworld 10-12-2004 2:39 PM

John Doe, I think the point is that I am being neutral. The article was to highlight "wow" items for 2005. It wasn't meant to be a sales article with equal representation for each brand. If you're looking for that, see our Board and Binding Guides. <BR> <BR>Apparently, you haven't read the entire thread to see that I have nothing but admiration for the fine products produced by CWB. Nor did you see me riding Sunday on a CWB Absolute.

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 2:58 PM

Dave, I know it's hard to tell on an internet forum, but I want you to know I am not trying to be argumentative with you or drive you insane. <BR> <BR>I'm just trying to go to bat for CWB. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

wakeworld 10-12-2004 3:01 PM

Gator has a few airbrushed boards out this year, but I'm not sure if they're considered "small potatos" or not. I'm pretty sure that I've seen other airbrushed boards in the past, but, to be honest, I'd have to dig through the archives to determine whether I'm on crack or not. If nobody has ever airbrushed a wakeboard before 2005, I stand corrected and certainly apologize for not pointing it out. <BR> <BR>Bottom line it that you are correct in saying that the Flame graphic is pretty astounding! I can't believe that somebody airbrushed that. I wish I had known it was airbrushed while I was at the show because I definitely would have gotten a better picture of it. It's a little late, but I will mention it in the article. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/195090.jpg" alt="">

skibum69 10-12-2004 3:04 PM

are we sure that the flames are airbrushed? Alot of cars that have flames like that now are just printed vinyl overlays, my guess being an engineer is it is a printed overlay, painting every board would drive the cost to over $1000 per board.

wakeworld 10-12-2004 3:18 PM

As with most artwork that is painted, drawn, etc., it gets scanned into the computer and is then added to the boards. They aren't airbrushing each one individually. Below is the CWB description for the Flame. See more at <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/boardguide/getboard6.asp?ProductID=2643" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/boardguide/getboard6.asp?ProductID=2643</a> or <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/boardguide/getboard6.asp?ProductID=2644" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/boardguide/getboard6.asp?ProductID=2644</a>. <BR> <BR>The Flame board for 05 needed killer flames. After some Internet searching, we learned Mike Lavallee, who paints for Jesse James and Monster Garage, owns and operates Killerpaint.com right down the street from the CWB factory. Having painted cars, trucks, bikes, boats, helmets, golf clubs and refridgerators, Mike was ready for a new challenge. The results speak for themselves.

skibum69 10-12-2004 3:21 PM

here I was searching all over the internet for that info(even CWB's website is not updated) and it was right here at wakeworld. Since we have some people who know alot more about CWB than I do, can anyone suggest a board or two from CWB to replace my '03 Bylerly DNA

wakeworld 10-12-2004 3:36 PM

No worries Chavez. I mean, you are driving me crazy, but I'm used to that by now! <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> Just kidding. This is all good stuff. I'm bummed when I put up an article and get no feedback. This all makes the next article even better.

chavezychavez 10-12-2004 3:49 PM

Pribyl - what's wrong with the Byerly? IMO that is one of the best designs hyperlite has ever made. <BR> <BR>If you are set on a new board - the modern equivalent in CWB would probably be the Absolute Platinum (weight/core design), but the regular Aboslute and Prodigy would be close seconds even though they are foam core. <BR> <BR>FWIW - as stated above, many of the boards are based on earlier models. The Flame for instance is 'esentially' last year's Absolute. <BR> <BR>If you were in my area I would arrange a demo for you as this is the only way to be sure what would suit you best. You may want to check a local CWB retailer on demos.

skibum69 10-12-2004 3:56 PM

Nothing wrong with my Byerly, infact it's still my favorite board of any that I have ridden, I just like looking for other options, seeing if I can find one that has the same charcaristics of the byerly but more pop. I am not sure who local caries cwb, but I'll have to try the Absolute Platinum <BR>thanks

bbr 10-12-2004 9:53 PM

Damn I love this post! <BR> <BR>Dave- I wasn't trying to say that you didn't do a good job on the article or anything, just that, CWB doesn't get the respect that it deserves. Plain and simple. I have to apologize to you as well, as I didn't see the pic of the boards the first time through. <BR> <BR>Chavez- you hit the nail on the head about the $$$ going into the mags for advertising. <BR> <BR>I say screw everyone that doesn't like CWB. Their products speak for themselves, and the people who ride them will continue to support them. I get real giddy when I compete in a tourney and I'm one of the only riders on a board OTHER than Hyperheavy. Especially when I walk away with 1st. Thats it I'm done!!

wsrmatt 10-14-2004 1:56 AM

dude man ive never even heard of you winning comps in cali. if you ride the open division and are winning a bunch when the biggger boys come to ride, then you can speak. plus dude one time i saw you riding at BV trying to act all cool wearing a bandana repeating tricks every lap. your not ricky loose the bandana and no you dont look gangster when you ride. and for sure cwb sucks. its like the variflex of skateboards. wanna know how cool they are. when cassette goes out and wants to make sick wakeskates just like skateboards, cwb tries to do the same but guess what skateboard company produced thier boards? NASH, for reals. Dont they sell NASH in Kmart? hmm i dont shop there for my extreme sporting goods. haha. i bet this whole post was started for a sponsor plug. he probabaly rides for cwb and wants a new board and maybe another. "Hyperheavy" ok yeah, lol, when the other riders are on the dock with thier hyperlite and your laughing at 15 guys cuz of thier "hyperheavy," all 15 of them are looking at you like the nerd and the abercrombie fitchycwbb boy. Boy down POSER, "thats it I'm done!!" haha

bbr 10-14-2004 8:39 AM

WHOA, down boy?! Why don't you tell us how you really feel about CWB?! Man you need to settle down a bit. Sound like your getting a little worked up. First of all, don't pretend to know me, cause I don't know you, so talking crap isn't needed. You have no idea about how I ride or what I'm pullin on the water. <BR>CWB just doesn't get the props that I think they deserve.....plain and simple. There is no underlying message that I'm trying to get out. If you don't like'em, cool, whatever. You voiced your opinion, leave it at that.

dingo_davey 10-14-2004 10:39 AM


stephan 10-14-2004 11:38 AM

That's why every day for work Brandon goes to the lake behind his new VLX and you, matt, go to Home Depot. <BR> <BR>CWB's focus isn't the wakeskates, never was, never will be. As for being a nerd for riding CWB I think most every person will laugh at you. He said he likes being unique by riding something other than a Hyperlite, you said you just like being able to fit into the crowd so you have "friends" to fall back on when you wanna make fun of someone. Way to be an individual!!! The sad thing here is that by immediately claiming it's not cool enough for you, you miss out on a lot of great product. Look at Chavez, he's a very recent convert and is now representing like his life depends on it. He's a good guy, WSR, has a pair of CD's on his CWB. Until a few weeks ago you would have thought he was cool, a Double Up board &amp; CD bindings, but now he has crossed over and is now a Abercrombie rider. I guess image <b>is</b> what wakeboarding is all about, way to be into the sport for the right reasons {applause,applause}.

jarrod 10-14-2004 11:48 AM

Matt: what the hell are you talking about man? I think you got a little too high before you started typing. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> What's the point of your attack? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jarrod on October 14, 2004)

wsrmatt 10-14-2004 11:57 AM

well brandon i dont know you but i think i know who you are. Ive seen you riding before at bv with a bandana. everytime you would circle that island you would make sure to do a trick right in front of us. always the same one though. and i never knew you were pro. riding behind your new vlx all day getting paid must be nice. and man what makes me more sick is when guys that ride cwb boards put wsr stuff all over. randy would never want cwb representing the west coast so take his stickers off.

pierce_bronkite 10-14-2004 12:07 PM

Change of attitude huh Matt?

jarrod 10-14-2004 12:08 PM

Oh my god!! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>I despise this word, but you really are a "Hater." <BR> <BR>

cali_rider 10-14-2004 12:11 PM

dude do u even know randy? then how would u know, dont hate, were all on the water to do one thing and that is too ride doesnt matter what board your on. and Brandon can put wsr on his board if he wants because hes on the west coast, hes just tryen to represent

cali_rider 10-14-2004 12:13 PM

also didnt that dude Zane from CWB help design the new X-star?????

bbr 10-14-2004 12:34 PM

Lets get a couple things straight. First, I'm not a pro, I do make some money wakeboarding, but not considered pro. Second, I don't have ANY WSR stickers on any of my boards, or boat. But even if I did, would it matter? Hmmm, last time I checked I live on the west coast. By the way, just what is the one trick that you seem to think that I always pulled? <BR> <BR>Trav- You said it man, we're all doing the same thing.

wakestar8878 10-14-2004 12:37 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/195384.jpg" alt="jack @ss">

stephan 10-14-2004 1:15 PM

I'm sorry but if I want to have a WSR sticker on my board I will. I may not have my lip pierced but I ride with CA style and spin more than flip, and grab all my tricks &amp; try &amp; grab every new one I learn. It's almost like the "New Crew" all over again. Also didn't Randy used to ride for O'brien? Wouldn't that have made him teammates with one Darin Shapiro, oh my god!!! I wonder if they ever kicked it? That's what's called a "screw the hype, I need a paycheck" decision. I mean isn't o'brien still making skis? haha

airrantz 10-14-2004 1:30 PM

Lets face the facts here. CWB, Gator, Double Up, Blindside, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, etc all make pro model boards that almost everyone on this site cannot say they are too good for. Just rip it up on the board of your choice, and give info on what boards you like to ride and why. Don't go on an all out bashing spree on one brand like CWB in this case because most likely they make a board that is better than anything you need to go ride and have a good time. And who gives a crap what stickers people put on their boards. While they're out riding you are too busy worrying about what stickers they are representing.

twakess 10-14-2004 1:31 PM

Whoa to much haten going on over here. I am going back over to the Get high Rope thread, and smoke me a foot of that rope. J-Rod then you will only have 66 feet of main line. I think some of you need like 50 feet of that thing to chill.

guido 10-14-2004 1:38 PM

This post is saaaaweeet. You guys are crackin' me up. Matt???? seriously. I'd love to meet you. Wakeboarding is wakeboarding. East coast, west coast, where ever. I ride hyperheavy because I think they make a good product and it fits me needs really well, but no way would I say CWB sucks. As for attacking people: make sure you know who you are talking about. Sucks if you're makeing fun of someone and its not even the right person. <BR> <BR>All right then...Carry on. I need some more entertainment.

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