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By Jason Beer (beerman) on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 5:15 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Where in the world can I buy just the enclosures??? I have a brand new set of MB Quart seperates that would work very nicely on the tower. Does anyone know if any company sells only the enclosures???
By Monster Tower (monstertower) on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 6:13 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
You need to find the company that already has cans that your speakers are in. Mako uses MB Quarts.

The problem is a 6-1/2" speaker from one company will not fit the hole and bolt patern made for a different companies speakers. Add to that 6" speakers and Zero, Zilch, Nada, NO standards whatsoever and you end up with cans that need to be made custom for each speaker model.

If someone can come up with a can that fits any tower and fits any speaker you got a good business opportunity there.

By Roy Finney (wkerat) on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 7:20 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
You can try something like who will custom make about anything at some good prices, or
By Cliff Griffin (seattle) on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 7:48 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

call me tomorrow. I think I might have what your looking for at a reasonable price.


(Message edited by SEATTLE on February 04, 2004)

By Mike Hellweg (wakeside1) on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 9:49 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

Which model of MB Quart components do you have? I will let you know if they will fit into the Mako enclosures. Most likely they will. We were planning to offer the Mako tower speakers w/o speakers. We also just added a Premium upgrade that uses the PCE-216 components. They will sound great.


By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Thursday, February 05, 2004 - 8:35 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Hey beerman, what is the model number of your MB's? They may slide right into the Mako's.
I've seen and heard the new Mako setup with 4 MBQuart DSE216 Discus as well as one with 4 Alpine SPS-170's and both of them rocked. Combine that with the 6 lights and 2 led pods... makes for a bada$$ setup.
If can offer them w/o speakers, I would highly recommend going that direction!
Email me if you want some more info. Good luck.

By Mike Hellweg (wakeside1) on Thursday, February 05, 2004 - 12:29 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I just talked with Brian at Mako and have confirmed that we will offer the Mako MB tower speaker system and the speaker/light combo in four versions:

- standard, DSE-216
- reference upgrade, RCE-216
- premium upgrade, PCE-216
- enclosure only

I am working with Brian to establish the final pricing for these configurations. Should be done within a week.

Brian confirmed that the RCE216 and the PCE216 both bolt right in. He put together a 4 speaker/light bar combo with 2 sets of RCE and 2 sets of PCE and he said they sounded great and they bolted right in.

Some of you may have seen the Supra (or was it Moomba)ad in Wakeboarding Magazine that really centered on the Mako 4 speaker/light bar combo with a chrome finish.

I am impressed with Mako's offering this year. They completely redesigned their quick-release (no more bicycle clamps) and they offer everything in chrome. Quick release close-up images will be posted soon.


By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Thursday, February 05, 2004 - 1:07 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Mad props to both Mike @ and Brian @!!
They have been extremely helpful in determining the Mako 4x setup will in fact fit the MC X2 tower. I can't wait to see it wired and bolted in place!!
Thanks for all your help guys.

By Brad Duffy (the_madness) on Thursday, February 05, 2004 - 4:30 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I've got these for $200 per pair plus shipping. These are 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum with all seams welded (not bolted together or glued together)

The dimensions are 7.5" OD, 5.5" cutout for speaker, 10.75" length and each can weighs about 6 lbs. I made these to fit MB Quart 6.5" speakers, but these should work with other 6.5" speakers as well.

Clamps are no included, but I got mine here and they wor great. I paid $67.95 per pair of clamps with tax and shipping.

I wanted to build a couple pair for my boat but I could only find the right diameter tubing at a place that required a decent size minumum buy. So I got the bright idea that I would get a little speaker can business going on the side to raise a little gas money for the boat. I wanted to come up with a low cost complete tower speaker setup that blew everyone away on a value basis. What I didn't realize is how much it actually cost to build these things the right way. Anyways, I don't want anyone to think I'm making a big profit here, it cost me about $200 per pair, so I'm just gett back what I put in, but just that would make me happy sionce I've got 10 pair of these sitting in my garage.

If anyone is interested in these let me know, or if you have any questions, let me know.

By Jason Beer (beerman) on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 8:34 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Sorry fellas, I've been out of pocket for a few days, I appreciate the response...I have the Quart seperates, DSD 216s. I've been looking at the Mako stuff at and will probably get those and put my Seperates in the dash ('04 Malibu VLX)and another pair of Coaxs in the rear. I've been a huge fan of the Quarts for many years and the Mako stuff looks awesome...
By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 8:39 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Jason, the Mako stuff does look bada$$ installed. I've seen it on several Supras and a few Mastercrafts are coming soon!
Wakeside has the best price I've seen and I can help save you another 10% off of that. Give me a shout if you're interested.

By Jason Beer (beerman) on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 8:43 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I was thinking of only getting the pair, but the 4 speaker setup with lights is the s**t. Might have to be semi patient and wait a few weeks to get the entire enchilada. One concern, how will that mount with the bimini top I have?

By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 8:51 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
It never hurts to measure... twice.
If I am not mistaken, the 4x and 2x speaker setups both have an approx length of 8.75 - 9.25" drop from the tower. The 4x measures 47.5 wide and the 2x measures 34.5". The seperate cans will have the same drop length. You can't go wrong with any setup. Just let me know when you're ready.

(Message edited by D_O_double_G on February 11, 2004)

By Grant (whitechocolate) on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - 8:53 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Get the DIY cans! They will be the Shizzz nis when they are finished
By wakeboardin (wakeboardin) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 11:43 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Did anyone see the guys ad in the classifieds? He selling polished aluminum cans for $35.00. Are those what you are talking about Grant?

By Grant (whitechocolate) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 12:51 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I was talking about Brad's cans Ill check the Classifieds, But $35 for polished cans sounds cheep
By Grant (whitechocolate) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 12:56 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Yup I just saw them. Clamps for $16 and cans for $35 Wow thas cheep. I would order one and check it out if it looks good order a whole set
By Grant (whitechocolate) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 12:58 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
$35 for polished cans

$16 for polished Clamps'

By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 1:00 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Sounds a little too good to be true. There is more than $35 worth of material in those cans, not to mention labor.
By Brad Duffy (the_madness) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 1:26 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Wow, I was thinking it would be more than $35 just to polish and clear powder coat a can. If anyone gets their hands on one of these, let us know how they are. Same for the clamps.
By Mike Hellweg (wakeside1) on Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 6:16 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
We have good news for audiophiles who don't want to build their own enclosures or mounts and want to buy the enclosures and mounts with the fit and finish of a high-end OEM tower speaker system.

We now have the Mako options with the correct pricing.

Scott at Titan informed me today that they will offer their new Alpha I and Alpha II systems with an enclosure only option. Alpha I is updated now. Alpha II will be done tomorrow.


By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 7:22 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Hey beerman, with Wakesides price adjustment, you can get the Mako seperates for around $450.... or the BIG ENCHILADA for under 1200!!
By D O double G (d_o_double_g) on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 8:28 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Allow me to clarify... $450 is chromed, you can pick them up in black or silver for $350 or less.

(Thanks Mike for the correction, I'm only on my first cup of coffee)

By Mike Hellweg (wakeside1) on Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 10:05 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Jason, Boss, Mako, and Titan all have options for enclosure only - without speakers. They are up on our site as of today.

Here is a news update regarding "tower speaker enclosures, no speakers" from our new Wakeside News page. Wakeside News headlines will be up on our home page by early next week. In the mean time you can use this link:


By Monster Tower (monstertower) on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 7:21 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Kudo's to Mako, Titan, Wakeside and others for offering ready to go cans! This is definately a market lacking product options and nobody would ever offer just the cans in the past.

Found a new eBayer with some good looking cans, not sure why he ended his auction early but the prices look to good to be true.

Lots of other great DIY stuff from this same person at

Time will tell if this is the real deal or a eBay scam. I got a pair of the cans and will report back when I get them.

By Clint Rice (ttuclint) on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 10:39 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
He emailed me saying that he had a buyer buy all that he had left. He has placed another auction for cans that are a little different for 10 more dollars but they look like they will be easier to get mounted on a tower.
By Clint Rice (ttuclint) on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 10:40 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
By Mark B (markb) on Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 8:52 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I ordered 4 of the clamps last week from the guy. I'll post the outcome. So far, the correspondence has been great.
By Clint Rice (ttuclint) on Monday, February 16, 2004 - 11:06 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Two of them will be here Thursday, I'll post some more info then. Guy has emailed me back for every question or whatever I had and gave me a tracking number.
By Glenn Anderson (mx21) on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 - 8:43 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Which size did your get? The 8" cans would seem to work for 6.5 speakers.
By Brad Duffy (the_madness) on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 - 1:33 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I bought six clamps for my cans on Sunday, paid via paypal on Monady and recieved the clamps today (next day delivery). The 6 clamps were $16 each and total shipping was $7. These clamps are exact Boss design copies and of the same quality and fit.

By Chris Foye (wakejunky) on Wednesday, February 18, 2004 - 5:40 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I personally met the owner and bought a couple clamps from him and next week I'll be piecing a couple boardracks together.
The clamps and boardracks are very close to Boss, probably couldn't distinguish between the two but, cost is another factor.
It looks like he's doing things right and is headed in the right direction for what he wants to do.
I'm not at liberty to discuss his business plan.

Get the Grip You Deserve

By william walden (spicoli) on Wednesday, February 18, 2004 - 12:29 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
just got my 4 8" cans and clamps from raul @precision metal works, and they are pimp! hes a great guy and returned every email i sent him, and they got here in less than 24 hours! im real happy with them. ill try and post pics when i get home. now if i can just get my boat back from service............
By Clint Rice (ttuclint) on Thursday, February 19, 2004 - 8:48 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Very nice for the price - came nicely packaged and quick. Hopefully He will list some more so some of you can get in on this.

By richard holmgren (gundogg) on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 11:36 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Has anyone installed any speakers into the precision metal works cans? if so, how did they sound? and how was the installation?? That price and appearance is quite appealing.
By Scott (oshensurfer) on Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 8:04 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
You have to install MB Quarts into his cans for them to fit right or fake it with MB covers. I don't like posting a competing website with WW but you can read all about my research on the speakers that will fit here. I'm almost done with my installation. I'll post about it when I'm done.

The cans and clamps kick ass though. There's one seam but it's pretty invisible. Un beatable price.

(Message edited by oshensurfer on February 26, 2004)

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