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By pwork (siuski) on Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 6:44 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I'm sick of the switch/fuze combo in the dash of my SN. Most are had to push/operate, and when they break they are over $20 to replace. I was thinking of switching the push switch circuit breaker combo over to a toggle/fuse box configuration this winter. Does anyone have experience with this or any thoughts as to why I shouldn't do it? The below pic is an example of the dash I'm talking about. Also there are small lights beside the switch that indicate if the switch is on, any thoughts on replacing these with something different?

By rod hess (rvh3) on Friday, September 19, 2003 - 12:11 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
If you come up with something, can you let me know. I have a 92 Nautique Excel with the same dash and I'm not a fan either. Good Luck

By fuel (fuel) on Friday, September 19, 2003 - 4:26 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I have an '83 and didn't care for the fuse and toggle layout. I really just hated those old ass fuses sticking out of my dash and those faded yellow toggles. A buddy and I replaced the toggles with some cool looking aluminum ones and rewired the boat. We also put in a fuse block under the bow and got rid of the fuses sticking out the dash. We covered up the the old fuse holes in the dash by cutting a piece of Lexan to fit the dash. Then we painted one side of it and screwed it on, painted side first (so it wouldn't scratch). We used stainless screws and stainless finish washers.

In your case, I would use a piece of ABS plastic that looks like carbon fiber. There is a dude on here named Grant that did that to get rid of those goofy warning labels on his Nautique and it looks sweet.

Sorry, I don't have a close up of the dash, but maybe you can get the picture...

'83 dash

By Levi Cress (levi) on Friday, September 19, 2003 - 5:09 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

I have a quick question. I have a '90 w/ the same dash and I have an off the topic ?. What does your "alarm" sound like that is by your ignition (where the key goes). My alarm has never worked and I kinda wanted to replace it just so I'd know when anyone ever turned on the key for saftey....does it beep like new boats or is it a buzzer sound or what? And does it beep each time you turn the ignition to "on" or just when the engine overheats/battery gets low/etc??


Levi Cress
Palo Alto, CA

By pwork (siuski) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 7:04 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Thanks Fuel for that info, I'll have to check out grant's setup to see what he did. The screws have did a number to the abs plastic that is there, so I might as well change it over as well. By the way your dash looks pimp, a couple of friends have a 2001 SN and their dash is looking pretty crummy now.

Levi- I have never heard the buzzer so I can't offer any help there. I'm guessing that it is just comes on when it overheats.


By Grant (whitechocolate) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 7:57 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Hey Guy's What, I did was cut some new ZTrim Peices for my 2002 Air, I have some sheets of Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic ($45) They are thick enought to use as replacment dash peices. It's easy to do. You can use your old dash trim Peices as a template and then cut out the new Peices using the old peices Here are some photo's of the Carbon Fiber ABS

By Grant (whitechocolate) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 8:07 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
The Sheet is 32 X 24 I have 2 sheet's left. 1 sheet is enought to do lots of trim Peices and at least 2 dash's. This stuff comes in Handy for almost anything. Here are some more examples of it. I take Pay Pal if your intrested

By pwork (siuski) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 10:26 am:    Edit Post Delete Post

Great job, it looks much better w/o those warning stickers. I'll get ahold of you when I start that project in a month or so when it gets to cold to board.


By Daryl Makinson (daryl) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 1:58 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
the alarm in my 1990 Ski Nautique comes on under the following conditions:

when any light is on on the dash (voltage, temperature, oil pressure) if a light is on - the alarm is on.

also - if the key is in the "run" position and the boat is not running - the alarm will sound

this is so you don't leave the key on and have the hour meter running by accident.

it is quite anoying and is actually disconnected in my boat - I'M NOT SUGESTING ANYONE DISCONNECT IT. just a fact for me.

pwork - have you checked to see if it's not just disconnected.

it is a high pitched piezo type buzzer sounds (that make sense?)

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