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By Scott Ingram (columbiatch) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:18 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I just stumbled across this. Looks like someone is trying to use the x-star shortage to their advantage. It didn't quite work though :c)


By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:23 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
bidding is closed, i doubt it sold
By BigD (bigd) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:27 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Cause it sucks.
By Cunning Linguist (jro) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:28 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Its not an X-Star its a Maristar 280
By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:30 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I didn't realize that that boat was 28 feet long, that is huge. Is the x-star considered the best "wakeboard only" boat by mc, or is it just a mammoth built for those that want a party barge they "can" wakeboard off of.
By Michael Gilbert (leftcoastpunk) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 2:36 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
That is actually a Maristar 280, but yeah it looks like it went for under retail.
By andrew zarlengo (colorider) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 3:34 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
That boat has been for sale on ebay for a month. Bidding always closes without a bid. If you look, it says 0 bids.

(Message edited by colorider on July 07, 2003)

By Michael Gilbert (leftcoastpunk) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 4:13 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Ya I remember seeing that thing on ebay a while back. However a few people have actually bought one. I saw one on Sahuaro a few days ago the thing was so impratical.
By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 4:26 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Oh so that isn't really an x-star, or do the maristar 280's have the funky bow as well
By Bill J (sdboardr99) on Monday, July 07, 2003 - 4:49 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
The Maristar 280 has the same bow as the X-Star. Apparently next year Mastercraft will be selling the X-80, which is the Maristar 280 all decked out (pun intended) as an X-series boat - tower, ballast, etc. That will be one huge wakeboard boat!

The 2003 X-Star is 22' 3" long.

By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 - 5:49 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Isn't there a point where boats get too big to make a decent wake without washout and such?
By matt (supraman) on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 - 10:42 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
This boat is already underpowered in its current configuration. If they plan to build in some serious ballast (which you'd need to weigh down a 28 foot boat) they better have some plans for a different engine or some serious mods.
By Ryan M. (h20jnky) on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 - 2:52 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
ahh yes, finally MC has created a boat that costs as much to purchase as it does to operate on an annual basis......
By Scott Ingram (columbiatch) on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 - 7:39 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
a 450 HP v-8 engine is underpowered? what kind of power would it need??

I was thrown off by the bow. I thought only the x-star had that funky pickle fork thingy going on.

By matt (supraman) on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 - 10:11 am:    Edit Post Delete Post

I've talked to the local dealer and I've been on the boat. The engine right now is sluggish pushing the 28 boat alone. If you sack it out with another 1500-2000 pounds, it certainly will be underpowered. Just go for a test drive, you'll see what I mean.

By the way, for the opposite of underpowered, check out the new supercharged seadoos. The same day we were on the 28 maristar, we also took out one of those new SeaDoos. UNREAL! It's like riding a superbike! IIRC, it's got 140 horsepower and does 0-40 mph in 2.3 seconds. We were using to pull for sliders and the pull it gave was incredible. Deepwater starts were instant up. There was no acceleration period. One second you were stopped the next you were boarding at 20 mph. Awesome!

By Jordan Poppa (jpoppa) on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 - 3:27 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
The new supercharged seadoo actually has 185 horsepower and yes it does absolutely fly. My family just got one and took it out for the first time this weekend. Top speed around 63 mph (radar) and it gets there fast. We also got the pop-up ski pylon that comes standard on the Vans Triple Crown Edition which should be sweet when it comes in off backorder. If you're in the market for a PWC definitely look at the Supercharged GTX. Plus it's internally water cooled.
By Alex (breakincrazy2) on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 7:24 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
normally that 28 ft. MC sells for $88,000
By Chris Molidor (cdm) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 6:54 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

I just got the New Sea Doo supercharged too and ordered the ski-pylon. It also is on backorder!! You should wait for the next years model. The 03 are causing a lot of stress fractures due to poor structural support. Have your dealer open you a store credit and wait for the new one(04) ski-pylon. Depending on your location, summers soon over anyway. Thats what I decieded anyway!!

By Boats N Boards (hlboatsnboards) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 9:07 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
that new seadoo supercharged ski is slow for being supercharged. Granted it has a ton of power out of the hole, just doesn't have the top end I expected. Kawasaki has a ski called the fx140 that will blow that slow seadoo off the water! stock it runs 80+. Now I have heard about seadoo possibly taking that 180hp supercharged engine and dropping it in a 2 seater which woudl make much more sense. Kinda like Honda did with there 2 seater turbo.


By jason zdun (jzwake) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 9:26 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
THE FX 140 does NOT go 80mph.
By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 10:03 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I have a 1998 Sea Doo GTX Limited with a 2-stroke 951 CC engine. Don't flame me for this please. This engine has the best hp/weight ratio of any engine ever placed in a watercraft. Bone stock my ski could hit 67 MPH. I put one aftermarket accesory (air filters to replace the airbox) and it will now run 70-72 mph (on gps and speedo). The new 4-strokes are not as fast as the old 2-strokes, not even the supercharged 4 strokes, they have more pulling power, but nowhere near the top end. Once again don't flame me for this, i am just giving my explanation.
By Jordan Poppa (jpoppa) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 6:58 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
First of all Bill the fx 140 won't come anywhere close to 80 mph except on the trailer getting towed down the highway. From Popular Science magazine, fx 140 top speed = 57.4 mph. The new gtx supercharged does around 64 stock out of the box which will increase as the engine is broken in. It is the fastest three seat personal watercraft ever built, do your homework. No personal watercraft will even do 70mph stock yet. You probably get that number from riding the ski and reading the speedometer or hearing from someone else who has done the same. The problem is that the speedometers on personal watercraft are regularly 10+ mph off, even up to 20 mph off in some cases. That's where these ridiculous claims of 80+ mph come from. I've had a SeaDoo RXDI up to 81 on it's speedometer, will it do anything close to that, no. As far as the SeaDoo GTX supercharged goes, it will beat pretty much every stock machine on the market top speed in water with any chop on it. The two seat XP DI, yamaha gp1200r and 1300r and the ultra 150 will beat it in perfectly flat water. The supercharged GTX is almost 1000 lbs which makes it cut through chop like you wouldn't believe, while the lighter two seaters bounce, cavitate and slow down in choppy water. As far as Honda goes, they are good machines, but the supercharged GTX has a higher top speed and better acceleration than both the three seat and two seat machines and doesn't have the turbo lag that they have. Tom - contrary to what you have experienced, the new 4 stroke supercharged GTX is faster than any other three seat model SeaDoo or any other manufacturer has produced. Read one of the new comparison tests, the numbers don't lie. By the way what kind of speedometer do you have that reads as accurately as GPS? I'd like one.
By Tom Adrian (tommyadrian5) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 5:33 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
70 Mph on stock sea doo speedometer and Garmin GPS, on a lake (no current)sorry Jordan, but the GTX supercharged is not the fastest stock watercraft ever made.
By jason zdun (jzwake) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 6:58 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I'll be putting this to rest noonish, I will be taking out a FX 140 all broken in and a GPS. I'll let you know how it goes.
By Paul (paublo) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 7:19 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Earlier this year I posted some pictures of the 280 and it's wake from a demo with some friends. It wasn't as bad as you may think, but the market for these is very limited. I could see it up at Powell handling the rough water well and carrying a big crowd and their gear with no trouble. How many wakeboard boats have a head on board? The storage space is absolutely unbelieveable. The one we tried had the 8.1L engine and had no problem with power. The tower was the biggest, strongest thing that I have ever seen. It also had trim tabs on each side that were individually adjustable. The boat was very weight sensative (from side to side).

It is not for everyone, but if you take a crowd when you go out, are on a big lake, and have the $$, it is an option.

By jason zdun (jzwake) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 12:39 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Results from My independant testing of the FX 140. I took out the 2003 ski with about 24 hours on it, 1/2 tank of gas and ran it up on some butter. With me down for best wind resistance I got the 140 up to 60.9 MPH on my handheld garmin. The speedo on the ski was pretty close but reading high at 64 mph.

If anyone cares we also tuned a 2003 SANs speedo and before calibrating it, it was running 1.5 MPH slow. I knew I hadn't been riding at 22mph. 23.5 seems right.

By Boats N Boards (hlboatsnboards) on Saturday, September 06, 2003 - 7:51 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
the GTX SC still is a piece in my mind...Good acceleration up to about 40mph, after that, it sucked! I rode one out of the crate and it wouldn't hit 60 on butta! After break-in the yeah probably would. So yes, I did do my homework. Haven't been on a FX140, just saw one smoke a GTX SC is all. And yes, the FX140 is stock. How are the new Honda Turbo 2 seater holding up in all this?

Either way, I despise a PWC on the lake....sorry.


By Bruce Thomas (sprucie) on Saturday, September 06, 2003 - 9:35 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
And I thought this topic was about an X-Star?

(Message edited by sprucie on September 06, 2003)

By Jordan Poppa (jpoppa) on Sunday, September 07, 2003 - 7:00 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Hey Tom, I never said the GTX SC was the fastest stock watercraft ever made, I even said in my last post that the other two seat watercraft will beat it in perfectly flat water. They won't beat it in choppy water. I don't really care what speed you post that you have accomplished on your 98 GTX, I'll never believe that the stock 98 GTX that I've ridden (top speed 58 mph) will do 70 with a new air filter. Regardless if I believe it or not, if you have got 70 mph out of your GTX, then more power to you you're doing something right.

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