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By alex (alex_n) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 8:53 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
does anybody know if it would be worth it to buy a mastercraft powerstar and what is the wake like behind it?
By adam Curtis (acurtis_ttu) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 9:09 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
do you mena a prostar? whcih one the 190 or 205? the 190 throws a good wake, the 205 throws a great wake.
By alex (alex_n) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 9:16 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
no i mean a powerstar 200
this is what it looks like (I dont know who the guy is)


By Rich G (rich_g) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 9:24 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
great for barefooting, don't know about wakeboarding
By Michael Baugh (kystyle) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 9:50 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I'm not very familiar with outboards, but it seems like that boat would struggle coming out of the hole if it was weighted down?
By Paul (psudy) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 10:07 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Id keep looking. Why are they good for barefooting? I never understood that. I skied behind my friends bass boat about 8 years ago. He had a 250 on it. The boat would go close to 80mph, but it took forever to get me out of the water. I guess it also depends on how its proped though.
By alex (alex_n) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 10:41 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
thanks, im just looking for a cheap boat(under 20k)that throws a nice wake at slower speeds for wakeboarding but also for the wake to flatten out for slalom skiing at higher speeds. what boats would you recommend?
By Robert T (robertt) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 11:10 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Just about any inboard direct drive would fit that need. Obviously not the best wakeboard wake, but with weight it can be pretty dang decent.

Under 20k, lots of DD boats, much less Vdrive.

As far as the outboard, if that is the same as a Barefoot 200 by Mastercraft it is said that the boat will pull your arms off.

By Byrd (byrd) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 11:56 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Look for a mid 90's MC Prostar 205 or 190. Or you might want to look into a early 90's Nautique like a 2001. most of those boats can be bought for less than $20K, most around $10K-$15K, and properly weighted, they will throw pretty good wakes and without the weight, the wake will lay down over 30 mph. Good luck finding what you want.....
By Paul (psudy) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 11:56 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Must have been the prop then.
By Paul (psudy) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 11:58 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Yeah, if you can find a 96 or newer 205, they are great ski boats, and have the same hull as the x-star/x2/and now x1.
By Andrew Davis (c640947) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 12:53 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Don't you mean 95 or newer?
By Jon (jon4pres) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 1:16 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Nautique stopped producing the 2001 in 89.
I would look for a MC 205, same hull as current x-1. Early Sport Nautiques also have the same hull as the curent Air210 but can not tell you the exact years.

By Kevin R Baugh (krbaugh) on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 2:18 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I owned 2 0f those boats.
It is not anything like the barefoot 200.
It was built for 3 years with VERY few sold.
IT was never very popular at barefoot tournaments

I would recommend a test ride!

It would not have any problem with a moderate amount of weight. VERY strong out of the hole. They where propped with 19 pitch high 5. Top speed was 47-50 trimmed all the way down. A tournament barefoot boat needs a low turbulence table with a well defined wake at barefoot speeds. It needs to be able to pull a large barefooter at 46-47 mph with 4 judges and a driver.

Many of them had a porpoise problem with weight in the back of the boat at high speed

The slalom wake would be hard but better than most V drives

This was my 98 Upload

By Chqwakeboarder (chqwakeboarder) on Monday, June 26, 2006 - 4:01 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
that boat is sweet
By Kevin R Baugh (krbaugh) on Monday, June 26, 2006 - 5:08 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Yeah it had its flaws but i loved it.
I ordered it with the large black panel
they came standard white.

By Paul (psudy) on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 - 7:18 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Andrew, no. MC started the current x1,x2, old xstar hull in 1996.
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