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By FoxrepDC (foxrepdc) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 7:15 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I know I've read on here that some of you use a mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle to wipe down after you bring the boat out of the lake. So...what ratio mix should I use??


By adam Curtis (acurtis_ttu) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 7:18 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I used to use 50/50.
By Karl De Looff (boarditup) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 7:20 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Straight vinegar with a couple of ounces of Turtle Wax Zip Wax works great.
By C.I.E. J-Rod (jarrod) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 7:37 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
fiddy fiddy
By B Tingey (tings00) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 8:38 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
we do like 70/30, maybe 80/20, i think 50/50 is to strong

(Message edited by tings00 on March 21, 2006)

By Dennis (sixeye) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 8:47 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
White vinegar I assume?
By Renee V (litlone873) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 10:27 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Yes, white vinegar. DO NOT use the apple stuff, it smells way worse than then regular vinegar. Pew.
By C.I.E.....Evan (guido) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 11:45 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
yeah, white vinegar. I use way less than 50/50. I'd actually say that I go like 90/10 (90% water). I don't like the fact that the vinegar strips wax, so I like to cut it down as much as I can. I also use bottled water (someone always leaves half-full bottles on the boat. I haven't bought any for that purpose, yet). I figure I am basically wiping the boat down with clean water with a touch of vinegar to break up the water spots. It's worked for me for the last 4 years in the dirty-delta.

I've also been thinking about trying the zip-wax additive, too.

By Chuck H. (toesideturtle) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 11:55 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
try Meguire's wax-as-u-dry product, works great and smells good too!
By KStateAlumni (bbeach) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 12:38 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I have another option to try... THere is some stuff on the market called Fast Wax... Comes in 1 gallon jugs, and I've only ever found it at the MC dealer in Wichita, BUT throw that in a spray bottle and use on your boat after you trailer it instead of Vinegar... Vinegar smells awful and actually over time strips the wax off your boat, rather than providing more protection.... If your boat is waxed good enough you shouldn't need to spray anything on it all the time... My boat is black and as long as I keep it waxed, wipe and go!

Just my opinion of course.

By Supreme Rob (supreme_rob) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 12:49 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I use a 40% vinegar 60% water mix to get all the water spots off and then I follow-up with a light spray wax made by eagle one. The combo works great!
By C.I.E. J-Rod (jarrod) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 1:35 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

yeah because you wouldn't want to strip off all of that wax you have on there!!

By Darren Yearsley (ralph) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 1:47 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
50-50 here to: I also add a dash of simple green to help with the smell & clean off the bathtub ring we get from the river.
By Brannon (fullspeed) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 1:54 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I have been using Mequiars detail spray on wax before I take the boat out. Then when on the boat is put on trailer I use vineger/water 20%/80% and then spray it with the detail spay again. Then every 3 to 4 outings I do a good two coats of Mequiars Flagship wax. It really doesn't take that much time to spray with the vinegar and then hit it with the detail spray. By the time my wife, kids, and everyone else has figured out seating arrangements and putting all the gear away we are done with the boat and on the road back home. Nothing worse than water spots.

By Scott Henderson (mudsurfer) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 2:09 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
By C.I.E.....Evan (guido) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 2:19 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Hey A$$face, I only wax the boat like 2 times per year so I gotta do what I can to leave all the goods in place.
By Scott Henderson (mudsurfer) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 2:32 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Evan, call me at the shop
By Randy Scagliotti (wakedad33) on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 5:37 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
We use a 50 to 50 water/vin mix, really keeps the spots down and we have a black boat. If we are in the water all day I also give it a once over with the vinny when were just chilling in a cove, only takes about 10 minutes.
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