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By K. J. (sup208) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 12:05 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I'm thinking about a houseboat trip and I have never been to any of these lakes. Any recommendations? How are the water conditions on each of these lakes: temp, debris, butter or chop? I have looked on line at vacation guides but they don't tell alot about the important things like mentioned abpve.


By Ed Matthew (ematthew) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 12:57 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
I have been to Lake Powell on a houseboat trip and it was absolutely gorgeous, but the butter was hard to find. It was the summer and I stayed pretty close to Wahweap marina, so there were often ALOT of other boats around. It would be better riding if you could go in the quieter areas around Bullfrog marina and during off season. I understand the water level is WAY down which may effect things. The water was really warm and the trip was awesome.
By Russ Morrell (idunevil) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 7:03 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Lake Poweel is the best out of the Three, but you need to go during none holiday weeks, or its a mad house. The best time to go to Powell is towards the end of Sept, first week of October. Air temp is still in the 80's water is still around 74-78 degrees. The water level is low, but this makes the lake a lot better because you have sandy beaches for the waves to crash on instead of getting reverb of the sandstone. The farther south you go on the lake the less debris you get. ALso if you want butter you need to get away from the marinas, about an hour to an hour and a half houseboat ride. Mead is also nice, but can get blown out pretty easy, but water is almost like powell, but maybe a little warmer. Never been to Mohave, so have no info. I go to Powell about 6 times a year, usually to bullfrog because that is where our houseboat is at, and I have been south and north of the marina and found go butter both directions, but just need to be willing to sit and chill for a bit on the houseboat drive. Hope that helps.
By Alan (tigeal) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 8:26 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Lake Powell, we are selling a shared owner houseboat the week of aug. 25-31 (week #34). For what you will spend on two rental trips you can own this for the life of the boat. We are buying a diferent week on same boat due to school schedule conflicts. $14,500
Summer dreamin

By Alan (tigeal) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 8:32 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Did someone say the butter was hard to find?

Avg. daytime temps for this week are low 90's

Avg. water temps are high 70's to 80 degrees

Buy the boat and I will tell you how to get to this secret spot with glass all day long.
The ripples you see out there are from our ski boat by the way.

By talltigeguy (talltigeguy) on Sunday, October 31, 2004 - 2:59 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Alan is right. With a little searching, butter is easy to find, even during the day. IT's just about guaranteed if you can get up at dawn. Lake Powell is the best for overall scenery of the lakes you mention. I go to Lake Mead and Powell pretty regularly and find Mead to be a little warmer (Elevation 1100 vs 3500), but Powell is warm enough (high 70's) that it's a non-issue in the summer.
By Jeremy Howes (romi) on Monday, November 08, 2004 - 9:38 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
I grew up going to Lake Mohave and still go there. If the wind is blowing it sucks, but if its not its great. Just stay away from Katherine's Landing, too many people and boats.
By Jason Bleyl (zeda) on Monday, November 08, 2004 - 11:32 am:    Edit Post Delete Post

Can you give me some specifics about your houseboat....size, floor plan, everything you can think of. Which marina is it located?

By bdehaan (bdehaan) on Tuesday, November 09, 2004 - 9:11 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
K.J., Lake Powell hands down. No other place on earth as nice, as beautiful, and as fun! Formula for a life of happiness: buy a boat and go to Lake Powell every year with your family and friends.

Alan, how bout you tell me where the secret spot is since our timeshare houseboat week is week #22 so our schedules don't conflict. Besides we're practically related since our houseboats are sister houseboats (Grand Reflection). HaHa.

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