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By josh poyer (lostsol) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:02 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
ok... took our 2000 moomba out for the first time yesterday and it started/ idled fine so we go to take of and it smokes really bad... we lift up the engine shell and one of the exhaust hoses is busted and is smoking everywhere...... we wrap a towel around the hose and the boat goes fine back to shore.... the engine temp was normal and everything... is it just a hose or may i have a more serious problem??
By Karl De Looff (boarditup) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:26 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Check the manifold for cracks. The block may also have cracks. It appears that the engine was not filled with anti-freeze before it was drained. It could be just a hose, but put it on a fake-a-lake and run it looking for leaks in the manifold or block.

Good Luck!

By Zedz Dead (ktm250) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:27 am:    Edit Post Delete Post
Have you checked the impeller? If there is no water being circulated (due to the impeller being destroyed) you will not see a rise in water temp (on the gauge). The resultant heat will burn the exhaust hoses first.

Why no increase in water temp (at the gauge)? If the impeller is not pulling in lake water and the block was drained for the winter there is no water for the sensor to measure the temperature of and they won’t work without it.

Depending on how hot the engine got check both exhaust hoses, the muffler(s), exhaust manifolds cylinder heads and cylinder block (in about this order, again depending on how hot all this got before you caught it).

By josh poyer (lostsol) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:11 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
you since i know nothing about engines, should i take it to a shop or replace the hoses and take it on the water near shore and see if it blows again??
By josh poyer (lostsol) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:13 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
what is an impeller??? i am new to the whole inboard engine thing but i am afraid my dad will think it was just a hose and take it out and do more damage.... when we bought it... they told us the only thing we needed to do was hook up a hose to the bottom of the exhaust manifold on both sides, and put the drain plug in.... should we have done something else?? oh and another thing... the other exhaust hose looked like it had been patched up

(Message edited by lostsol on March 15, 2004)

By DJL (dholio) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:14 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Take it to a dealer. Not a fun game to be messing around with if you don't know anything about engines.
By josh poyer (lostsol) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:17 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
i will try to tell him to take it to a dealer.... i just hope he listens.... but if any damage is already done, he will sew the lady we bought it from b/c she signed a document saying it ran perfectly fine

By chane (chane) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:25 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
So you bought it w/out even starting the engine, much less a test run?

You really need to read an owners manual before taking off to the lake w/something you know nothing about.. Read

By Zedz Dead (ktm250) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 12:43 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Josh, take it to a need to make it worse. Download the manual and get to know it.
By BR (blr) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 1:02 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
another pretty easy thing to do (but won;t tell you 100%) is to check the oil, if it looks like chocolate milk, you have cracked your block in a place that will allow water to get into the oil. this doesn;t mean that if the oil is normal looking that you haven't damaged the block, but if it looks like choco milk, you 100% have an issue besides a hose. could be as simple as a head gasket, but could be a cracked block as well. if that is the case, be prepared to get much closer to your chair, cause your wallet is going to get a lot thiner!
By Jonathan French (rock_n_boardin) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 1:10 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Josh, by chance did you run the boat at home with it out of the water?

I sold my old Centurian to a guy, it ran perfect. Well the first time he takes it out it overheats. He called me all pissed off and I was like WTF?!?!? Well I asked him if he ran it out of the water, "he was new to boating" he said yeah, I wanted my buddy to hear the engine. Well he burned out the impeller, if you run a boat out of the water with no water circulating in the Engine. It will fry the impeller in a matter of seconds. So he replaced it and from then on no problems.

By Kaiser Soze (tattoobling) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 1:41 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
You don't need no stinking dealer. Just save your money and "sew" the lady, after all she did sign a piece of paper and that's all you need.
By Brian Ross (bross) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 2:35 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
The smoke means that all of the plugs are not in. This can happen after a winterization if there is a possible freezing in weather. Find a dealer. Also, Moomba sucks. This won't be the last of your problems.
By Kaiser Soze (tattoobling) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 2:53 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Gee Willickers Brian, that's a harsh thing to say about Moomba, I've had mine for over 32 years and not one single problem. The dealer treats me like royalty and his wife is always winking at me. Besides, that's an Indmar engine, not a Moomba. But I agree with you so start a new thread and let the bashing begin. Waahooooh!
By Rod McInnis (rodmcinnis) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 3:55 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post

The description of your problem is a pretty close match to the symptom of a failed water pump impeller.

Boats require a water pump that will suck water up from the lake and use it to cool the engine. This water is then dumped into the exhaust system, which cools and silences the exhaust. This water cooled exhaust can now be run through rubber hoses to exhaust fittings on the transom.

The water pump that draws the water up from the lake needs to be a "positive displacement" style of pump, which basically means that it has to be able to "suck". For a boat, this means a rubber impeller pump. The "impeller" is the part inside the pump that really does the work, and as its name implies, it is made of rubber. It also wears out and needs to be replaced occasionally. They wear out REALLY fast (as in seconds) if you run the engine out of the water.

If the pump has failed, and you run the boat, the first noticable symptom is that the engine will sound a lot louder. If the boat was new to you then you might not have known how it should sound.

The second symptom/result is that without the cooling water the hot exhaust will start to burn the rubber hoses. On some boats this can be a very serious thing as it is possible that the hoses are below the water line, and having them fail can lead to the boat sinking.

The third symptom would be that the boat overheated, so I am surprised that yours did not. However, it is possible that not getting any water at all could result in a false temperature reading, as the temp guage reads the water temperature and if there isn't any water the reading would be off.

In a follow up message you said " they told us the only thing we needed to do was hook up a hose to the bottom of the exhaust manifold"

This sounds like it might be a winterizing thing, that maybe the hoses were removed so that the water could be drained and avoid freezing damage. If a hose was left off, or a plug left out, then it is possible that the pump was working but that it was all flowing out the open hose/plug and not making it through the exhaust hose.

My recommendations:

1st) Find your water pump, open it up and inspect the impeller. This is a good thing to know how to do, and if it is three years old it is time to replace it anyway.

2nd) Replace the exhaust hoses. All of them.

If you can find a reason for the hose failure (such as a hose/plug left out or a failed pump impeller) then you will probably be okay once you get the hose and pump going again. If the pump is okay and the hoses were connected and no plugs left out then you need to keep looking for a cause.


By josh poyer (lostsol) on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 8:49 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
well... to the dealer it went and it came out $700 later... all the hoses were cracked, water pump was shot, impeller was busted, and needed all new plugs... its fixed now tho.... we didnt know how it should sound or anything but we got a lesson on thank you everyone except i dont want to know i bought a piece of
By Tracie (mb_girl) on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 9:05 pm:    Edit Post Delete Post
Could have been worse. Glad you have your boat back.
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