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New WakeboarderTy kaley 7-07-06  1:34 am
how to ollie highKyle Ledfordkaley 7-07-06  1:22 am
Off the dock startsKody Adams kaley 10 7-07-06  1:02 am
Raley???Matthew WarnerCurt Bernstein 7-06-06  10:14 pm
Boat speed and rope lengthHayes Peace Curt Bernstein 12 7-06-06  9:42 pm
Tootsie RollChefwong Jean-Philippe Bray 7-05-06  6:52 pm
Another tantrum post, landing?Greg Doctor brian vannatter 7-03-06  5:52 pm
TS W2WAndrew Kelley Garret S. 6-29-06  11:28 am
w2wmathew t rebman mathew t rebman 6-29-06  9:19 am
wrapping upB Tingey Ryan Shimabukuro 12 6-28-06  1:37 pm
off-axis 540Jean-Philippe Bray Eubanks 6-27-06  1:44 pm
indy glidejustin roemer alan plotz 6-25-06  9:07 pm
HS FS 180 griefLizrd Brian Phillips 6-25-06  4:18 pm
Back-Rolling Help (yes another) Video!Ben Munos Ben Munos 6-19-06  9:26 am
need help with raley (with video)Jan MichelTy 27 6-16-06  2:41 pm
hs backroll ted nelson ted nelson 6-14-06  6:20 pm
cable park tricksJean-Philippe Bray Jean-Philippe Bray 6-14-06  5:13 pm
trouble with handle passJohn Keenanjonathan Powell 17 6-14-06  4:22 pm
More of Backroll !!!B K bb12 6-14-06  10:13 am
Am i too weak?peter mcewantony.tromp@gmail.com6-14-06  3:21 am
HS BS 360Jessicatony.tromp@gmail.com6-13-06  5:24 am
blind 180--two concussionsMike Garret S. 6-10-06  6:11 pm
wake pop for 3'shyperpilot Garret S. 6-10-06  6:03 pm
full w2wdane sauerBrad24 6-09-06  11:08 am
HS Backroll Help - Need more height - VideoBert MelchnerGarret S. 13 6-05-06  6:54 pm
edging in tipscristinakylie-logan 11 5-31-06  8:18 pm
First MobeJean-Philippe Braymike 17 5-31-06  1:57 pm
surface tricksB Tingey B Tingey 5-30-06  7:24 am
nose grab backrollB Tingey Travis 5-27-06  1:00 pm
insturctionalsGrant CunninghamJessica Hengler 5-26-06  2:37 pm
BackrollGHatfield Ryan Bedford 10 5-25-06  12:14 pm
Worst Crashes!!!DonDavid5-20-06  10:09 am
progressionsean smetherssean smethers5-17-06  2:09 pm
blind 360 behind a boat in the airJosh Smithmatt Winans5-17-06  12:58 pm
FS 360Bryant LynchMatt5-16-06  8:51 am
Check this crash out!!!!!!!!!!!Danny FarrenBryant Lynch15 5-15-06  9:27 pm
Couple of Problems here.. Need some helpMirage....Oliver Hartmann24 5-14-06  10:10 am
Tantrum to blind......SteveSteve5-09-06  4:30 pm
what do you think?RickJarret Eubanks5-08-06  8:51 am
S-bend helpDavis WalkerRobert Adamek5-05-06  11:07 am
backrolls, ralys and any invert tip on a cable!!!Richard AndrewsJohn Anderson5-04-06  12:22 pm
Frontoll Roll Rotation help!No NameMatt5-03-06  10:42 pm
WhirlyBird tips???Blake HughesBlake Hughes29 5-03-06  8:26 pm
what speed to do backroll and tantrum?johnSteve4-27-06  2:08 am
w2w helpreed mulfordWilliam E Rosenfelt4-24-06  8:04 am
HELP: Toeside edgeSafrican_wakeguyBig Heavy11 4-21-06  3:42 pm
ole 540scott kreidlerChad Douglas4-21-06  3:19 pm
TS helpBrian DavidsonBrian Davidson4-21-06  2:30 pm
s-bend on cableAlex KlimowsowAlex Klimowsow4-13-06  8:47 pm
perfecting my w2wJ RobiDC4-13-06  12:36 pm
Raley'sTimGregg Young4-12-06  4:52 am
I NEED NEW TRICKS WANT TO START INVERTSkyle santiagokyle santiago4-11-06  9:11 pm
bs 180snash jeffriesJerod Rathbone14 4-08-06  11:18 pm
almost got the bel air i thinkjohn byeBig Heavy4-06-06  11:30 am
Off Wake FlipPhilip KanePhilip Kane4-05-06  3:07 am
Backroll problemsandyricky4-02-06  10:25 pm
ollie helpdepoint50aeRonia Nash3-31-06  6:26 pm
backside 360 help?Michael Coleman JrTravis Briscoe3-29-06  4:54 pm
HELP!! FS/HS 360...please help.Benmark3-21-06  1:59 pm
who can invert behind a jetski???Danny FarrenCallam Gaddis3-20-06  2:19 pm
Cable Raley Vs Boat Raley!!Danny FarrenJohn Anderson3-16-06  9:38 am
Frontroll helpNo NameBig Heavy3-15-06  1:48 pm
Spin Machine?Kevin Denbroederbill montanye3-14-06  2:40 pm
tantrum mobes?Baron PhillipsJohn Avent3-04-06  7:28 pm
what is the next trick..?mike venemaMike O'Callaghan2-17-06  4:12 am
Backroll tipsAlex Taj McClainWill Sigsbee2-16-06  9:55 am
nose and tail grabs??????ryan collinsMatt2-14-06  8:05 pm
How long before you tried a backroll?Evan RadovicGreg Doctor14 1-30-06  8:28 pm
hs bs 180 w2wJeremy Waterscol1-26-06  8:26 pm
hs fs 7'sluke heneyRingo1-17-06  11:34 am
line lengthCliff McElroyDaniel Perry1-15-06  2:30 pm
need helpJustin Poopmike venema1-14-06  8:23 am
wrappingGrant Cunninghamdj1-05-06  5:47 pm
ts front rollHYPORyan Kent20 12-17-05  12:24 pm
another tantrum threadEdlikestoboardLaunch Wakeboarding 12-13-05  8:14 am
tips on raileybenjaminLaunch Wakeboarding 12-12-05  4:35 pm
tripping invert helpMike Weinerttrever marquette12-04-05  8:45 pm
wrapped KGBrickytrever marquette12-04-05  8:35 pm
Learning HS FS 360s, One Wake or Two? colJarret Eubanks11-29-05  11:43 am
what is a half cab? Ronia NashSparky Jay11-25-05  7:34 pm
?goinbigalan plotz10 11-17-05  6:43 pm
landed backroll switch?benjaminMatt11-17-05  11:01 am
front roll and front flip is there a difference?josh gearyjosh geary11-09-05  7:07 pm
surface 360Nick GordonBrad11-03-05  11:27 am
How do i build a good Wakeboard RAIL?Dylan SmithBrad11-02-05  11:40 am
2 handed whirlybirdEvan RadovicWill Gunn10-31-05  10:35 pm
HS 540 - Landing on the nose / pulled over front J-RodBaron Phillips12 10-31-05  6:51 pm
TS FS 7sMattChris10-31-05  1:44 am
first backroll?water boyOliver Hartmann10-30-05  2:11 pm
tantrum w/ late fs 3Chris Abadiechristopher stack13 10-27-05  6:57 pm
how high for backroll???MarshallKayBrad10-27-05  2:16 pm
Off axis 180SquidPhillip Aslinger10-27-05  12:20 pm
Tantrum AdviceTimmayGlenn13 10-25-05  9:18 pm
how to get spray on powerslide?Ronia NashReuben10-21-05  10:14 am
HS 180 wake to wake questionPeuchristopher stack10-09-05  9:51 pm
wrapped KGBrickybiwwy10-09-05  3:08 pm
Begginer GrabBig Wake Inc.Matt10-07-05  8:05 pm
Lost my R2R, tell me what I'm doing wrongrammerbg10-05-05  9:15 am
heelside back roll helpBraden Bottenbergchristopher stack12 10-03-05  2:43 pm
help with w2w astheticsWadealan plotz10-03-05  6:43 am
Moby DickStephen Hiltschermike9-30-05  11:25 am
wrapped 3Blake TingeyRyan Shimabukuro9-23-05  10:17 am
///WHATS NEXT?///Mike WeinertOliver Hartmann9-22-05  10:45 am
cutting to the wakeRonia NashMatt9-21-05  6:45 pm
Tantrum HelpDamned04jake9-15-05  7:42 pm
Some help for the handleTommyJan Michel9-13-05  9:18 am
hs fs oa 3's Steve CahailAndrew9-13-05  7:25 am
SCAREcrowJon Schmidtscott kreidler9-11-05  4:02 pm
Help on 360sJeff Cscott kreidler9-11-05  3:55 pm
Slide(new board)Stephan de VriesStephan de Vries9-09-05  10:37 am
Mexican backrollLorenBraden Bottenberg9-08-05  12:33 pm
how to do a tantrumKyle LedfordBlake Tingey10 9-08-05  9:25 am
1 wake 360'sRonia NashRonia Nash9-08-05  5:54 am
tantrum help needed - video includedChris WChase9-04-05  9:13 pm
roll2revert help please.. video includedBrianChase9-04-05  8:57 pm
WHIRLYS!!Chase the'amazing'onChase9-04-05  6:31 pm
Mix Flip/FrantrumDavid McGuirtscott kreidler9-03-05  11:18 am
boat trimTommaiTyler8-30-05  7:07 pm
indy shifty...DavidCody D.8-29-05  9:16 am
Indy Tantrum Steve CahailThane Dogg8-28-05  4:50 pm
Need Help W2W, But Not Normal Problemmattmike sasser12 8-27-05  8:46 pm
Backroll... Umm I suckTylerTyler8-26-05  3:11 pm
Twisting when jump.wakeitupwakeitup8-26-05  11:29 am
Toeside W2W JumpsMarcusWes Gardner8-25-05  12:56 pm
nosegrab backrollrickyalan plotz8-22-05  6:58 pm
roll to blind help!Cody D.Brennan8-21-05  9:41 pm
Wirly help neededserge calderarachristopher stack8-18-05  10:47 pm
help with w2w popAlek EmeryAlek Emery8-17-05  6:59 pm
TANTRUM VS. BACKROLLKeith DeYoungEvan Radovic20 8-16-05  7:07 pm
I've spotted the landing on a what?GeraldGerald8-16-05  12:32 pm
360 troublejohn byeKevin Graham8-16-05  10:24 am
Scarecrows????Kevin PothierBenny P8-13-05  1:19 pm
The Importance of Boat SpeedEh BrahRyan Shimabukuro10 8-12-05  7:11 pm
I can jump...but how do I land?JulieMarcus8-11-05  9:53 am
Crow Mobekai nishidaJohn Marshall8-10-05  2:52 pm
///360-_-Problems///Mike WeinertCody D.8-09-05  2:30 pm
Improve Your SkillsDonCody D.8-09-05  11:03 am
Toe Side jumping questionKevin GrahamKevin Graham8-08-05  8:48 pm
S-Bend/ Vulcan Allen BischofbergerAllen Bischofberger8-08-05  3:03 pm
First Invertwakeboarder3922Oliver Hartmann8-08-05  3:59 am
Raley turns into a KryptR.J. BurrChase Ismyname8-07-05  7:39 pm
W2W popJim Cricky8-07-05  11:11 am
ts frontroll and 360Justin BarnesBenny P10 8-06-05  5:15 pm
backroll need helpDanJamie Lokken12 8-05-05  9:46 pm
///Backroll-_- Bedlum///Mike WeinertMike Weinert8-05-05  4:39 pm
Backroll (Video Included) very close to landing itMax HakimEvan Radovic8-05-05  3:54 pm
Handle Passing - On Water DrillsAndrewJamie Lokken8-03-05  9:40 pm
Flip questionwake19Tony12 8-03-05  12:44 pm
bel airandy koerberjohn bye8-02-05  11:46 am
how fastBrandon KeeKyle Jazwiecki8-02-05  10:23 am
going fakie on raleyrickyricky10 8-01-05  11:20 am
HELPcarsonPat Everham8-01-05  8:44 am
Doubleing up Questions--raleyCharles Cadottealan plotz8-01-05  6:29 am
off axis tresalan plotz686snow7-31-05  5:20 pm
NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!Grant CunninghamBig Heavy7-29-05  1:45 pm
Help with back slide?Terry Mackiesteve13 7-28-05  5:23 pm
New!!Jessica Hridehype4life7-28-05  4:32 pm
Wakeskate Body Varialridehype4liferidehype4life7-28-05  2:26 pm
invert with finsMike WeinertBig Heavy7-28-05  1:15 pm
MethodJamie LokkenBig Heavy7-28-05  1:11 pm
RIDIN SWITCHAli McCoyAli McCoy7-27-05  2:01 pm
tantrum? back roll?Mike WeinertBig Heavy7-26-05  1:05 pm
Taking 3's to 5'sAlteczenBig Heavy7-26-05  1:02 pm
Landing Tantrum SwitchDave SutherlandDave Sutherland7-26-05  6:02 am
back flip? front flip?Mike WeinertEvan Radovic7-25-05  7:15 pm
First 360'sJamie LokkenTony7-25-05  12:07 pm
wraped 3'styler boydalan plotz7-25-05  6:32 am
W2W ToesideGrant CunninghamGrant Cunningham7-22-05  11:04 pm
360....frontside or backside easier????TimTom7-22-05  8:40 pm
Tantrum Troublesflyhighmikeyt15 7-22-05  2:16 pm
pop shove itClintonClinton7-20-05  7:29 pm
no fins?/W2WBrian StearnsJake Hertzfeld7-20-05  8:26 am
beginner needs help with surface 360'salexis QBrian Stearns7-19-05  5:40 pm
tantrumBrian Witschenraging jerbul10 7-19-05  4:55 pm
having trouble with on axisGrant Cunninghamraging jerbul7-19-05  4:33 pm
Hs Fs Ole Mute 540Scot M BernerScot M Berner7-19-05  12:17 pm
ollie 180Ronia NashJamie Lokken7-19-05  10:31 am
Contest AdviceJamie LokkenJamie Lokken7-18-05  8:51 pm
what should i do now?Grant CunninghamBrian7-17-05  10:29 am
tail/nose pressShay StoneShay Stone7-16-05  4:23 pm
360 HelpAlexAlex7-15-05  9:08 am
Back Rolls end up switch...?ReubenTony7-15-05  9:00 am
Girl Rider Needign HelpKelly McKinneyKelly McKinney7-13-05  11:05 am
Mobe's and flat rotations rope tensionGonšalo SoaresRingo7-12-05  3:38 pm
hs 360, falling back on landingJasonJason7-12-05  2:07 pm
surface tricksJamie LokkenKelly McKinney12 7-12-05  9:19 am
what does "rail" meanJamie Lokkenalan plotz7-11-05  11:54 pm
surface 180'sJamie LokkenCody D.7-10-05  8:17 pm
rope lengthTomDave7-08-05  5:57 am
landing a TS wake to wakeWilliam Lanier SmithWilliam Lanier Smith7-07-05  7:46 am
landing on my but during a heelside 180Mike McReynoldsJamie Lokken12 7-07-05  12:12 am
Backroll 101 - Landing on back edge and buttAndrewEdlikestoboard14 7-05-05  9:02 pm
911William Rhett Butleralan plotz7-05-05  8:58 am
whats wrong with thisjohn byeryan38 6-30-05  7:49 pm
Big air off double upsrich oliverCharles Cadotte14 6-30-05  2:17 am
I know this gets old, but please help!Michael ClutzCody D.14 6-30-05  1:23 am
TS Double Up - First Trick?HiltscherhitlerbergeRyan k6-29-05  7:06 pm
tricks defined...Cody D.Ryan King6-29-05  12:43 pm
hs front flipsalan plotzRyan6-29-05  12:31 pm
oa hs fs 180'salan plotzRyan6-29-05  12:15 pm
Desperate for advice and help!!Danny FarrenDanny Farren6-27-05  3:12 pm
ts frontrollsEdlikestoboardEdlikestoboard6-27-05  2:48 pm
Quick Backroll Question easy one too!eric foxRyan W.6-27-05  12:06 pm
am i just crazy or...Chase the'amazing'onBlake Hughes15 6-26-05  10:36 pm
Am i the only one who prefers toeside over heelTomEdlikestoboard6-25-05  10:14 pm
big spins wakesurfing?Derek GeorgeDerek George6-21-05  1:16 pm
wakesurfingerikDerek George6-21-05  1:12 pm
raleysEdlikestoboardEdlikestoboard11 6-20-05  9:08 pm
Tantrums or 360sLorenEdlikestoboard6-20-05  8:57 pm
wrapsTomTom6-17-05  10:19 pm
Getting Pulled Over in Air - Riding 101AndrewChris Payne6-17-05  7:15 am
Batwing HelpJesse DukeTom Pazerunas6-15-05  10:42 pm
tantrum questionChris WChase6-12-05  11:03 pm
Does a tower Matter?Jacob WeberJacob Weber13 6-08-05  2:45 pm
360 on the surfboard?Zack Votawbg6-03-05  12:50 pm
Heelside Hover?Terry O'SullivanTie to the LuRR6-01-05  10:50 am
Mental block, or lack of testicles!?!?!?!?C-Notericky c54 5-29-05  6:06 pm
HELPNickNick5-29-05  5:26 pm
Wrapped hs 3'sEvan RadovicEvan Radovic5-26-05  1:57 pm
Waiting on pop for ts backroll??JimEvan Radovic5-25-05  8:28 pm
scarecrow hard landingsChuck H.Jim5-23-05  5:35 pm
Indy TantrumSeanBrennan5-14-05  10:52 am
ts 3'sThane DoggBig Ed15 5-10-05  7:25 am
Methods?????HarryBrian Hanley5-04-05  10:14 am
How often do you RIDE?Kaydeenacho4-27-05  7:40 am
Visualization/Planning next trick questionTSObrinks4-22-05  1:41 pm
Raleyandy koerberTSO4-22-05  9:25 am
Air much?GaryTony4-21-05  10:46 am
Wake to Wake JumpsRoss ThompsonKris Lowery4-12-05  2:44 pm
Getting DizzyDaniel PerryPat Everham4-11-05  12:47 pm
Progressive Edging Help for HS W2W (Vid/Pics)Andrewnicole montgomery4-08-05  3:18 pm
hs 360sChase PennelAndrew4-01-05  10:12 pm
ts frontrollsEdlikestoboardBrian Keller13 3-21-05  3:59 pm
toeside front to blindsPeter CornellPeter Cornell3-21-05  1:58 pm
How many backrolls in in a row can you do????sam lutzsteve gattuso21 3-16-05  11:06 am
180'sRyan WarzniakGary3-15-05  12:02 pm
Learning cable airsdannyterence concepcion3-15-05  3:38 am
what's the next invert (after backroll)??Fab PirkerPreston Hall3-07-05  8:54 pm
more edge equals more speed right??Danny FarrenDanny Farren2-19-05  2:30 pm
getting higher Nateryan10 2-18-05  2:53 pm
What am i doing wrong? (video)Agustin Dominguezryan2-18-05  9:03 am
Wrapped or Regular?Brandon BakerBrandon Baker2-07-05  8:15 pm
help with riding (video)Agustin DominguezBennett2-07-05  4:03 pm
rope lengthjohn byejohn bye1-19-05  6:36 pm
Blind 180sPierce Bronkitecody dulock12-31-04  12:25 am
roll2revert tipsJoe UmaliStephen Hiltscher15 12-13-04  4:27 pm
HOW FAR OUT TO CUT FROMPaul DavisBrandon Scullion12-11-04  10:08 am
kickflip (wakeskate)John DrisdaleJohn Drisdale12-09-04  11:49 am
hoochiesChase the'amazing'onKyle12-08-04  8:15 pm
Progressive edgeAgustin DominguezMike11-13-04  8:00 am
Newbie: Uncontrollable feet in the airPratama FauriPaul Davis11-05-04  1:24 pm
Double Back flipJordan Timothyjohn bye11-04-04  1:47 pm
how to drive a triple upjohn byejohn bye11-02-04  1:59 pm
jumping higherTracy FergusonHarry10-30-04  1:55 pm
can you get better on a skateboard?john byeRunaway_Stapler10-21-04  1:08 pm
ts backrollk_wagner7Ringo10-21-04  11:09 am
line tension questionjohn byejohn bye10-15-04  2:52 pm
I Don't UnderstandChris WestRunaway_Stapler12 10-15-04  11:04 am
ts 720 HELP!!!!!!!!!Scott Verilloleo lasecki13 10-13-04  7:46 am
How do i get higherWakeBoarderleo lasecki10-13-04  7:43 am
trouble with fakieMIKE HELLEKSONEdlikestoboard13 10-12-04  6:12 pm
Jumping the wake?ian limmatthew duffy10-11-04  12:13 am
HS Backroll (rope being pulled from handsKeith DeYoungMatt10-10-04  7:48 pm
Tantrum (video)Nick RuzicRunaway_Stapler10-09-04  3:07 pm
TS BS wrapped 360 HelpJared RayeScott Verillo10-07-04  6:12 pm
Fly an instructor to you - Anywhere for CheapScott TaylorEdlikestoboard10-05-04  5:38 pm
a good 180 Shirowseric fox10-05-04  10:44 am
Hs backroll helpzack votawjohn bye10-04-04  1:07 pm
INDY GLIDEjustin roemerwade worrell9-29-04  11:43 am
Help with hs fs 3'sRunaway_StaplerRunaway_Stapler16 9-28-04  6:27 pm
Height needed for a backroll? (video attached)Mike McReynoldsEdlikestoboard10 9-28-04  6:02 pm
gonna try a whirly need some helpalan plotzwade worrell9-27-04  8:52 pm
new tricks in a daymattmatt9-27-04  4:20 pm
Surface 180Spankematt9-26-04  7:06 pm
HS backrollKevin Stormbergkyle russell9-22-04  4:29 pm
help on the crowkyle russellkyle russell9-22-04  11:32 am
More Air !Alex Horlbeckglenn erik miller27 9-22-04  9:05 am
how can I get better?Randy GenauLucky Charms12 9-22-04  8:54 am
What can you see wrong here?MarkRunaway_Stapler9-21-04  3:22 pm
lessonsbladerunnerEdlikestoboard9-20-04  12:21 pm
easiest invert 2 learn first??aaronChris West11 9-16-04  2:25 pm
wtw problemstony steffinsMark21 9-15-04  7:06 pm
what should i try firstandy koerberandy koerber9-10-04  9:11 pm
Soon to be first time riding in 6 months...Kevin WhteEdlikestoboard9-10-04  12:15 pm
HIGHER AND FARTHERjohn byejohn bye9-09-04  1:30 pm
TS FS3 HelpZackJarret Eubanks9-07-04  3:30 pm
TS 540JessicaSean9-07-04  2:46 pm
switchJamie KorstromEdlikestoboard9-06-04  7:40 pm
Tootsie roll helpChris Westbiwwy9-05-04  9:59 am
toeside jumpsJJ Kittutah rider9-04-04  6:21 pm
tantrums/ closing eyes?Mike D.Blake Hughes10 9-02-04  8:04 pm
TS Front RollWakeBoarderWakeBoarder9-01-04  5:46 pm
surface 360's (handle pass)Chrissy AulicinoEvan Radovic8-31-04  6:30 pm
Tantrum.SpankeWakeXtreme8-28-04  10:25 pm
im a MAJOR newbieJimmy NguyenJimmy Nguyen8-28-04  10:21 am
moby dick helpjustin roemerjustin roemer8-27-04  7:30 pm
would someone help me with learing an indy glide justin roemerjustin roemer8-27-04  4:09 pm
SpinsjbBrian Hanley8-27-04  1:29 pm
backroll help again... sorryJesse Leiteandy koerber24 8-25-04  6:15 pm
batwing helpjustin roemerjustin roemer8-25-04  4:21 pm
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