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Tootsie Roll and Dum Dum Help!!!!Marlon WelkerMarlon Welker8-25-04  7:55 am
Raley help ( Video)Jeremy AmbristerMarlon Welker12 8-25-04  7:53 am
Raleysandy koerberBlake Hughes13 8-25-04  6:54 am
first ts invert?????????HarryTommy8-25-04  5:49 am
another backroll threadEdlikestoboardjackdemack8-23-04  7:47 pm
HS 540Matt RoyleBrian Hanley8-23-04  4:55 pm
tanrtumSpankeSpanke8-21-04  2:04 pm
Tantrum behind SeadooAdam AldrichEwan8-20-04  6:39 am
First Raley Attempt Video - Help/Criticism NeededTy CarlsonTy Carlson19 8-20-04  5:57 am
Beginner HelpSang PhuJesse Leite8-20-04  5:23 am
plz help a newbie outjonathan holmesEdlikestoboard8-19-04  7:02 pm
new boardDaniel JanicekEdlikestoboard19 8-17-04  5:42 pm
Tantrum help neededDavidmark8-16-04  9:35 pm
any 360 advice- video attachedChris WEvan Radovic16 8-16-04  7:36 pm
Landed first ts fs 180 todayDavidWakeXtreme19 8-16-04  12:24 pm
Floating Slider RailJacob BradshawJacob Bradshaw8-16-04  12:08 pm
how hard are Raleys?WakeXtremeWakeXtreme8-16-04  11:18 am
Scarecrow speed ???calderara sergeJerrod8-16-04  9:31 am
front roll or scarecrowWakeXtremeJerrod8-16-04  9:20 am
RotationMark NHarry8-13-04  4:03 am
need help with scarecrowClay Hcalderara serge8-12-04  5:21 am
not a big enough wakeRyan BeachAlex8-10-04  10:38 am
scarecrow hintsHarryHarry8-09-04  1:49 am
Whos got weird ways to ride?Adam SmithJason29 8-06-04  11:19 am
360 help video attachedWil FleenorWil Fleenor8-05-04  3:07 pm
HELP!!!!Chris BattJesse Leite11 8-05-04  6:27 am
backflip helpmikeytRene Rioux8-04-04  9:16 pm
360s again, sorryJesse LeiteKristine11 8-03-04  4:26 pm
Front roll frustrationGareth McMillanGareth McMillan8-02-04  10:37 pm
Tramp/handle questionsbla blablaThane Dogg8-02-04  5:13 pm
toeside invertkyle russellHolby8-02-04  4:50 pm
CANT CLEAR THE WAKE mango11 8-02-04  11:44 am
newbieJJ Kittmango8-02-04  11:39 am
Better DVD - Detention or Higher Education??NJmango8-02-04  11:38 am
need help on surface 180Ryan T. TaylorShaRee10 7-30-04  4:00 pm
how do u drive a double up?thomas hawkinsEdlikestoboard7-29-04  3:14 pm
Arm position on W2W'sD-MoneyEdlikestoboard7-29-04  3:00 pm
need help on 360'sEvan MitchellPhil Veit7-29-04  11:14 am
Next trick to learn and advice on how to do it.leo laseckiRingo7-28-04  8:59 am
towers and speakersjustin roemerMatt7-25-04  11:22 pm
hs frontrollThomas PickeringMichael B14 7-25-04  5:27 pm
BACKROLL- please helpMax HakimMax Hakim7-25-04  10:20 am
Fantrum?Tim NicholsJoe Umali7-24-04  2:39 am
Dialed in Backroll, now Roll to revert?markJoe Umali7-24-04  2:34 am
any boarders round nashville tn leave a messageaaronjessica montag7-23-04  1:13 pm
tantrumsedward plozJohn Klein7-21-04  4:31 pm
need help on body slide?Terry MackieTerry Mackie11 7-21-04  3:10 pm
some1 help with w2waaronShane O'Sullivan7-21-04  7:07 am
FRONTSIDE FRONT FLIP!!!!!!!!!blake mcleodJosh Karch7-20-04  12:06 am
whirlyjustin roemercalderara serge7-18-04  10:23 pm
backroll help - video attachedjosh mcnattleo lasecki7-18-04  8:27 pm
puny wakeDaniel JanicekShane O'Sullivan14 7-17-04  9:03 pm
roll to revertNick Cosulichbiwwy7-17-04  1:16 pm
mexican backroll?zach lemelin2 p7-16-04  10:43 am
How many tries/days on average?WakingUpleo lasecki7-14-04  5:51 pm
LessonsDerick StokesMartin Howell13 7-14-04  12:44 pm
help on 360s!!Tanner championTanner champion7-14-04  9:09 am
Help with TS roll and crowleo laseckileo lasecki7-13-04  8:22 pm
Closed eyes on backrollMax HakimMatt7-13-04  5:52 pm
sideways on a Tantrummatt mossNeil Sheehy7-12-04  7:19 pm
TS backrollTim NicholsBrad Birlew7-12-04  5:06 pm
Help me for scarecrow please ???calderara sergeTim Nichols7-12-04  1:36 pm
tanny to blindDavid KennyMatt VdA7-12-04  10:31 am
help on regular off wake 180Ryan Anthony SpankeSpanke18 7-10-04  6:56 pm
desperate help needed for toesideaaronleo lasecki7-10-04  10:49 am
I want to try an S-bendChristopher MaherJim23 7-09-04  10:23 pm
I need help on getting more air!JohnnyBlake Hughes7-09-04  7:03 am
Need help on landing the backroll - video attachedDavidNick Zografos18 7-08-04  4:31 pm
handle gripsColeCole7-08-04  2:17 pm
someone help me!aaron chadwellaaron7-07-04  10:56 am
trying hoochie's this weekend!!JimJim7-06-04  6:14 pm
im havin trouble goin w2w on mw wb,someone help meTaylorRichie Dierolf7-06-04  4:31 pm
Falling back on backrollStephen ThompsonRod Rinnert7-06-04  4:14 pm
w2w w/ wakskateblake mcleodblake mcleod7-06-04  1:23 pm
rope problems on backrollsblake mcleodBlake Hughes7-06-04  12:40 pm
- Mexican Backroll -2 p2 p7-05-04  9:25 pm
back roll on trampolineThomas PickeringAndrew7-04-04  3:10 pm
hs wrapped spinsMike Hleo lasecki7-01-04  5:00 pm
Printable Trick List With Pictures????Phil JaroneBlake Hughes7-01-04  2:47 pm
what's a hoochie glideSpankeJohn Sorensen6-30-04  8:35 am
tantrum and rope positionDouglas FleischmannScott Verillo6-28-04  1:19 pm
Help with my backrollJonathan MetherellJake Gervais6-28-04  6:28 am
help on backrollleo laseckileo lasecki6-27-04  12:17 pm
railysjustin roemerScott Verillo6-27-04  12:07 pm
advice on slim chance?andrew dyrhoodleo lasecki10 6-27-04  10:45 am
o/ajustin roemerjustin roemer6-27-04  10:35 am
raley cut?fuelEvan Radovic6-26-04  8:16 pm
Need help holding on with both hands!!Spencer MullaneyJohn Sloan6-26-04  9:48 am
W2W differences between wakeskate & wakeboardBrian KellerBrian Keller6-26-04  9:35 am
whats nextThomas PickeringThomas Pickering11 6-25-04  12:17 pm
progressing a R2R to a mobe 3steve bladowsteve bladow6-24-04  7:52 pm
Whats the next trickChris AbadieChris Abadie6-24-04  7:47 pm
tantrum on trampoline?? help before i kill myself!JoeNeil Sheehy6-24-04  2:43 pm
any kind of helpJessica DaySean6-24-04  10:21 am
types of handle passAndrewAndrew6-23-04  9:34 pm
bat wing or railyjustin roemerjustin roemer6-23-04  5:42 pm
I need advice on how to grab inverts.Nathan AnhornTerry Rose6-23-04  4:23 pm
Backroll inconsistantGeorge Andrew AmodeiGeorge Andrew Amodei6-22-04  7:30 pm
Seriously need help on scarecrows and raleyleo laseckiBrian Hanley6-22-04  9:08 am
Easiest InvertHypdizzleleo lasecki6-21-04  7:32 pm
o/a on trampolinerobleo lasecki6-21-04  7:28 pm
Cuts!MikeSean6-21-04  3:25 pm
Grabbing Inverts and Why I Cant Do ItNathan AnhornNathan Anhorn6-20-04  9:27 pm
spins and scarecrowmatt spinnikenDaren Postforoosh6-20-04  3:31 pm
right rope lengthThomas PickeringThomas Pickering6-18-04  10:38 am
Have to know 180 to do 360?Elisabeth HoganJohn Sloan6-17-04  3:30 pm
landing in the flatsbrian vannatterWakingUp6-15-04  1:56 pm
need more airThomas Pickeringchris paulson6-15-04  1:13 pm
help on double upThomas PickeringThomas Pickering6-14-04  3:21 pm
help on grabbing my backrollLuciano GrimblatBrian Hanley21 6-14-04  11:38 am
backroll heightThomas PickeringRyan Viser6-14-04  6:06 am
ts jumpingThomas PickeringDavid6-12-04  4:42 pm
out of control..mikeytmikeyt6-11-04  7:52 pm
Comming up Short On TantrumDannyBrennan6-11-04  5:51 pm
cable??Evan KingJohn Anderson6-11-04  9:03 am
TS Frontroll BlakeMatt VdA6-10-04  2:42 pm
High Pole, Tower?SpankeBlake Hughes6-09-04  7:41 am
help my buddy <backroll vid>BrianBlake Hughes6-08-04  10:38 am
Trying first 360! Need HelpEvan Kingmatt spinniken6-07-04  10:47 am
Landing on Wrong EdgeBlain LevittBlain Levitt6-07-04  8:20 am
Nuclear backrollRyan ViserRyan Viser6-06-04  6:39 pm
Progressive EdgeMikeMike6-05-04  4:20 pm
spin and invert helpMike TrainorBrad Birlew6-02-04  4:25 pm
indy tantrumsalan plotzalan plotz13 6-01-04  9:30 pm
Loading line and standing tallBrianJohn Klein6-01-04  4:29 pm
HELP ON Taking my Tantrum to Indy and Whirlybird BrennanJoshy6-01-04  6:42 am
w2w helphyperlitenerdMitch Fryer5-27-04  11:36 am
Timing on a TS BackrollJim Weststeve bladow5-27-04  12:37 am
TS grabs seem this normal?angi simpsoneric fox5-26-04  1:47 pm
Need Help With Backroll!!!!Evan KingRyan Z5-26-04  9:25 am
LingoRyan Anthony SpankeSpanke5-24-04  5:02 pm
help plz!!!!!!matthew a. schumachekristian coltman5-24-04  12:21 am
RAILINGHampus Friedsamkristian coltman5-22-04  9:44 pm
OllyDavid ScottDavid Scott5-21-04  7:02 pm
riding switchnellykristian coltman5-20-04  8:52 am
surface 360s help!Richard AndrewsJohn O18 5-15-04  10:16 pm
HOW MUCH CAN THE TAMPOLINE HELP???????KIRK RUSTONBryce Burnett12 5-13-04  6:40 pm
whirlybird on trampolineleo laseckiNate Isaak5-11-04  5:03 pm
Trampoline Size?Daniel LiguoriEric Honeycutt5-11-04  3:25 pm
toeside front roll - a little help?DavidDavid5-10-04  9:08 pm
360 help!!!DonSean11 5-10-04  8:36 am
2 hands?!EricIan Gleadell5-05-04  12:20 pm
Boat potentialDonDon5-04-04  3:58 pm
Toeside Raley - Boat & CableRyan Zbiwwy4-27-04  9:38 am
How come the board's more vertical when I jump?Ryan Reeveschristopher stack4-26-04  5:24 pm
finaly went wake 2 wake now how do i go higherJon MitchellDon4-24-04  7:39 am
tips on a tantrumleo laseckiRyan Z4-21-04  8:02 am
understanding the backroll?nash jeffriesDan4-20-04  7:08 pm
BAD BAD CUT!!!HarryHarry21 4-20-04  3:12 am
Tips on whirlys?Mike LeTendreHunter Brack4-15-04  9:22 pm
Inverts..Jeff LuskHunter Brack14 4-13-04  4:42 pm
mobe on the trampolinegregMIKE SCHWENNE4-08-04  10:29 pm
Cable wakeboardingRichard AndrewsJan Schlottbohm4-08-04  3:44 pm
whirlybird?Joechristopher stack4-06-04  3:46 pm
difference between a s-bend and a whirlybirdBess MarineJonathan Metherell26 4-05-04  4:30 pm
scarecrow?lukeluke4-04-04  6:42 pm
ollie ticktock out?Evan Parkkristian coltman4-03-04  12:17 pm
switch crows??wade worrellchristopher stack3-27-04  1:54 am
how do you not mexi-roll the backroll?JadeDavid3-26-04  6:28 pm
ts roll-to-revertSeanbiwwy12 3-25-04  8:32 am
Which roll or flip is first?Angus LoweDavid13 3-24-04  9:26 pm
Cable Lake RidinRyan ZChristopher Maher3-23-04  6:17 am
backroll troubleRobert J.Terry Rose3-18-04  5:09 pm
Landing blindHarryBlabelmooch19 3-17-04  10:18 am
back roll on cable?Leo EisenstadtJade3-17-04  8:40 am
Dropping Handle on Backroll CBrownkristian coltman20 3-13-04  3:42 am
Anyone wanna help me with my 313biwwyStephen Hiltscher3-12-04  11:16 pm
BackrollRonald Pedersenbiwwy3-12-04  10:48 am
hitting a railconnor gerdingMorgan Duncan11 3-10-04  6:31 pm
beginner trick ideasandrew collinsEric Honeycutt3-08-04  11:58 am
HS Air RaleyChris NicoletteChristopher Maher3-02-04  6:52 pm
TS FS Wrapped 3? & TS BS Wrapped 180sEvan ParkMIKE SCHWENNE3-01-04  7:58 pm
Off-axis spinningCraig FultonRyan Anthony Mocerin2-29-04  7:06 pm
which invertluke heneyRyan Anthony Mocerin2-29-04  6:11 pm
New boardDavid PanningDavid2-26-04  3:20 pm
wakesDavid PanningMike Patterson2-26-04  11:54 am
Hoochi Glide HelpPOOLZYBennett10 2-25-04  3:45 pm
Where to look?DavidMatt2-17-04  12:57 pm
What trick next?jimmykristian coltman2-15-04  12:54 pm
blind 3Robert J.jimmy14 2-14-04  6:34 am
ts w2w and hs fs 180 DavidDavid2-11-04  11:30 am
sighting landingsAndrewandrew deerhood2-04-04  2:49 pm
HS 360 Jim BottrellJim Bottrell13 2-03-04  2:05 pm
What's with my 720?please help me!Andzeiandrew dyrhood2-02-04  3:08 pm
help on 180'sDrew BollesAndrew10 2-01-04  10:27 am
I need help...Lindsay ArringtonDavid Scott1-02-04  4:25 pm
T/S w2wCBrownwalt leonard16 12-30-03  8:21 pm
backroll on a trampHarryandrew dyrhood12-29-03  11:46 am
speed for doing Raley'sChristopher ColemanJim Bottrell12-28-03  5:13 pm
Sutible Board for current levelJasper LimJim Bottrell12-28-03  5:07 pm
Raley and Hoochie glide help.....Jason MooneyBennett11-16-03  2:15 am
First time 180s, 360s, Roll, Flip, etcponchevezandrew kuehn19 11-13-03  4:17 pm
3's..................Robert J.jimmy11-12-03  4:13 pm
what to do nextprosperRichie Dierolf10-27-03  8:31 am
binding placementDaniel Janicekandrew kuehn10-24-03  3:38 am
Still have scarecrow problems. please help.andrew kuehnandrew kuehn10 10-22-03  12:40 pm
next trickGarrett KopeckiGarrett Kopecki10-21-03  7:59 am
spinningDaniel JanicekWes10-18-03  7:31 pm
Help!!!Robert McCainRobert J.10-16-03  4:48 am
tantrumHarryrootc10-13-03  10:43 am
Help my brother land a tantrum!!Thomas Denekachristopher stack10-10-03  9:31 am
pete roseBrianKyle18 10-08-03  2:52 pm
Back roll for dummiesBlain LevittGareth Mcmillan11 10-05-03  5:25 pm
Back roll more like a flipThomas DenekaLarry Cain13 9-29-03  7:54 pm
osmosis or cosmosis?andrew kuehnandrew kuehn9-29-03  7:49 pm
Can't land HS FS 180's Kyle Monroekev macarthur15 9-29-03  6:59 am
HELP ME WITH S BENDwade worrellMatt9-22-03  7:47 am
tantrum attemptsHarrywade worrell9-21-03  6:59 pm
Slack rope on scarecrow???andrew kuehnandrew kuehn9-18-03  4:34 am
TS Frontroll criticizism please...Brianchristopher stack21 9-15-03  4:15 pm
needs help on wrapped KGBRobert J.christopher stack9-12-03  2:53 pm
wrap handle helpRichie Dierolfchristopher stack9-11-03  7:47 pm
Newbie needs help PLEASEAxelShay Stone9-10-03  3:23 pm
Hoochie Glides--hand placementErik Aspkristian coltman9-09-03  10:41 pm
Needing some help on TS front roll (video link)BrennanBlabelmooch17 9-09-03  6:36 pm
scarecrowRobert J.Sean9-08-03  10:46 am
How do I make a blind side surface 180CasperDavid9-06-03  7:49 am
Anyone tried or landed a heelside Front flip. andrew kuehnandrew kuehn13 9-06-03  2:50 am
360 handle pass: first hand palm up or down?TY-one-onBrennan9-04-03  9:45 pm
help me with my air'sChris SontagCarl M9-03-03  6:14 pm
Tantrum HelpClark Kentshannon de buiser9-01-03  3:25 pm
What exactly is a front roll??Bryan PancoastDavid Kenny8-31-03  6:45 pm
how to clear the wake and get big airj manEdward Eccles8-31-03  9:56 am
instructional vidsdanny vothandrew kuehn8-30-03  4:42 pm
Tantrum AdviceJonMike Morris8-29-03  11:03 am
cable wakeboarding instructional videos/dvdsRichard AndrewsRichard Andrews8-29-03  8:32 am
Wake2Wake Daniel BennettDan Bennett8-28-03  5:17 pm
Raley rotationBryceJesse Leite8-28-03  4:09 pm
w2wJon MitchellJesse Leite8-28-03  1:59 pm
Tantrum Or BackrollAndrew CainJesse Leite34 8-28-03  12:38 pm
Switching to FakieKristineJesse Leite10 8-28-03  8:43 am
Landing the backrolljosh mcnattGareth Mcmillan13 8-27-03  10:02 pm
How are those chick riders doing out there Danielle WestDanielle West8-27-03  1:53 pm
Help on Whirlybird, and question on name of trick.steve bladowMarc Gagne8-27-03  12:12 pm
First Scarecrow vid. How to tidy it up pleaseandrew kuehnchristopher stack8-27-03  9:33 am
whats wrong with my w2w?Chris SontagBill J8-25-03  9:37 pm
hs bs 180sRichie DierolfBlabelmooch8-24-03  9:38 pm
hs 180's, i have been trying foreverBrianRichie Dierolf14 8-24-03  9:13 pm
360 - Brand New TipWakingUpchristopher stack8-22-03  6:33 pm
Heelside 540Stephen HiltscherTyler Innes8-22-03  4:16 pm
front rollsEvie juniorchristopher stack8-22-03  11:51 am
Help getting airBrent KaminskiBill J8-21-03  6:36 pm
Need advice on my backroll (Video)Jim Bottrellchristopher stack16 8-20-03  6:07 pm
Any 360 tips?Jesse Leitekristian coltman8-19-03  8:26 am
GrabsJustin ChapmanRichie Dierolf8-18-03  9:23 pm
frontrollsbryan chowjason zdun8-18-03  10:45 am
toe side jumpstravis pehlkebryan chow8-18-03  9:28 am
AIRCameron LaytonJim Bottrell8-17-03  4:42 pm
need help on my spinsmichaelmichael8-16-03  1:07 pm
Need a tweak on my backroll.Jim BottrellJim Bottrell8-15-03  12:40 pm
I'm an old dude, but I can ride a little.JayJay8-14-03  10:50 pm
Learning a Back roll need help (Video)LarryKung Fu Wake8-14-03  10:24 pm
Good tricks instruction bookcalderara sergeLucky Charms8-14-03  2:27 pm
how to grab a frontroll..?BrianBrian8-14-03  1:44 pm
Easiest invert?JoeCliff Griffin46 8-14-03  9:33 am
My 1st one...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCOTT BUSBYTaylor Tupy14 8-14-03  7:59 am
just startederica henryTaylor Tupy8-14-03  7:28 am
How do you put video on this?Jim BottrellBill J8-13-03  4:02 pm
Front to FakiePhil VeitMatt8-13-03  8:17 am
Tantrum Gareth McmillanJonathan French14 8-13-03  8:08 am
w2w 180'sTony PalmeriTony Palmeri10 8-11-03  3:32 pm
360 inside tantrumcalderara sergechristopher stack8-10-03  10:34 pm
Help PleaseKristineKristine10 8-09-03  8:49 am
Spinnin helpEvan BrownTaylor Tupy8-08-03  6:24 pm
airKatie McCullochTaylor Tupy13 8-08-03  6:02 pm
Speed?WAKEMAN2003Taylor Tupy8-08-03  5:52 pm
Hitting Double-UpsWakingUpMatt8-08-03  12:27 pm
new tricks`jon oslerWakingUp8-07-03  12:14 pm
standing talldanny vothWakingUp8-06-03  8:11 pm
Switch ridingDaniel JanicekDaniel Janicek8-06-03  4:56 pm
backroll faceplantAndrewMatt8-06-03  7:27 am
Help, what size board for me?Elisabeth HoganRichie Dierolf8-04-03  1:59 pm
how 2 get more height on backroll??mike murphychase tennyson8-01-03  6:18 pm
wot fins should i get?! Richard AndrewsDutch8-01-03  5:57 pm
Tantrums, Scarecrows and 360sMike BMike B8-01-03  3:59 pm
OlliesStephen EBill J8-01-03  2:21 am
Backroll brickwall.andrew kuehnandrew kuehn11 7-31-03  1:55 pm
HS 180 HelpJ. BaxterWakingUp7-31-03  11:48 am
tantrum gripAndrewMatt7-30-03  7:51 am
backroll help!Logan RaineyMatt7-30-03  7:40 am
help on tricksRachel JarrettRichie Dierolf7-29-03  9:20 pm
need help riding switchtravis pehlkeDavid Scott10 7-29-03  7:44 pm
Jumping the wake...David ScottKristine11 7-29-03  2:07 pm
RALEY HELP!MARCUS BERGERErik Asp7-28-03  3:22 pm
Ts backroll helpClark KentAndzei7-28-03  1:26 pm
INDY BLIND 180Chris TomlinsonMike Morris7-27-03  9:25 pm
backroll questionron kuykendallMike Morris7-27-03  9:17 pm
how 2 get height for backroll ? help!!!mike murphyDeven Whitaker7-25-03  6:41 pm
heelside frontflip..O'Malleybiwwy7-25-03  12:20 pm
truly a Beginnerjarrod holleyPotter7-25-03  9:41 am
ToeSide HelpChrisBill J7-22-03  10:52 am
I CAN FLY!!!... kind ofDave JakesDave Jakes7-22-03  10:20 am
back roll heightskerzzRene Rioux7-20-03  10:35 pm
360s ARGHunt FitzgeraldKyle7-20-03  5:36 pm
whirly or tantrum to blind?David KennyKurt Root7-20-03  5:12 am
Newbie Needs Some HelpAaron J Boehningjames Done10 7-19-03  5:05 pm
what next?AndzeiAndzei14 7-16-03  11:47 am
1st invert?Nik Christianchristopher stack7-14-03  8:59 pm
BIGGER BACKROLL?Will GarrisonMike7-14-03  6:57 pm
Riding BlindBrent FDaniel Pasfield7-10-03  9:23 pm
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